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1.About Zenger 2.Incentive Experience 3.What is RxCSA? 4.How RxCSA works 5.Why RxCSA?

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2 1.About Zenger 2.Incentive Experience 3.What is RxCSA? 4.How RxCSA works 5.Why RxCSA?

3 About Zenger Farm 16 acre Working Urban Farm and Wetland

4 Zenger Farm is a working urban farm that models, promotes and educates about sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, community development and access to good food for all. Mission

5 Zenger Farm 2014 By the Numbers 8,000+ Kids in Field Trips and Farm Camps 1,750 Participated in Community Cooking Workshops 1,300 Weekly Farmers Market Shoppers 30,000+ Pounds of Vegetables 950 Volunteers

6 Incentives & Food Access LIFM Market –SNAP Match –Food Scouts Zenger CSA –50% SNAP Membership –Some Partial Scholarships

7 Match doubled to $10



10 What is Prescription Community Supported Agriculture (RxCSA)? Weekly subscription for a box of local, seasonal vegetables (June-November) Proof of Concept First in Nation Clinic Outreach Clinic Pick-up Open Participation Program Integration

11 Mid County Health Center Patient Self-Management Collaborative Sliding Scale Subsidy –$5-$27/Week (SNAP accepted) –Based on Federal Poverty Level Spanish and English

12 National College of Natural Medicine SNAP accepted, no subsidy (potentially in 2016) Integration –Food as Medicine Institute –Charlee’s Kitchen –Wellness Workshops

13 CSA is an Adventure Sugar Snap Peas, ½ lb Russian Frills Kale, 1 lb Pink Beauty Radishes, ½ lb Hakurei Spring Turnips, 1 lb Red Pak Choi, 1 head Baby Fennel, 3 bulbs Fresh Garlic, ½ lb Garlic Scapes, ½ lb Oregano, ¼ ounce Red Quinoa from Bob’s Red Mill June – 5 lbs

14 CSA is Seasonal Basil, 2 ounces Summer Squash Mix, 2 lbs Eggplant, 1 lb Tomatoes, 1 lb Red Onions, ½ lb Broccoli, ½ lb Chard, 1 lb Asian Plums, ½ lb Red Early Potatoes, 2 lbs Lentils from Bob’s Red Mill August – 9 lbs

15 CSA offers No Choice  Chard, 1 bunch Carrots, 1 lb Red Beets, 1 lb Green Kohlrabi, ½ lb Purple Potatoes, 2 lb Delicata Squash, 3 lbs Cucumbers, 1 lb Sweet Peppers, ½ lb Mild Habenero Peppers, 4 ct Red Onions, 1 lb Inchelium Red Garlic, 1 head Cornmeal from Bob’s Red Mill October – 12 lbs

16 But CSA offers Support

17 Pick-up is a Learning Space

18 Members Develop New Tastes

19 CSA Skills Handouts

20 Hands-on Cooking Workshops

21 RxCSA also offers… Newsletters List of Vegetables Recipe Ideas Notes from your Farmer Notes from the Clinic(?) Farm Tours

22 CSA is a Trusted Relationship You rely on a farmer to feed your family Farmer relies on you to pay for that food

23 Why RxCSA? Build cooking skills Gain nutrition knowledge Change eating habits Increase vegetable sales RxCSA uses a supportive learning structure to:

24 CSA Changes Eating Habits At the end of the season… 90% “My family eats more vegetables” 100% “My family eats a greater variety of vegetables”

25 CSA Members Report Health Benefits “My doctor said my cholesterol was now ‘perfect’ and was excited to learn about CSA.” “My doctor took me off my diabetes medication and told me to keep up the good work!” “I’m probably not as fat as I could be.”

26 CSA Partnerships for Health Workplace CSA –Leatherman Tools C(ongregation)SA –Door of Hope Fitness Center CSA –Crossfit Portland ODA Specialty Crop Block Grant


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