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Famous Settlers of St. Louis William Clark John O’Fallon The Mullanphy family The Lucas & Hunts Thomas Hart Benton.

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1 Famous Settlers of St. Louis William Clark John O’Fallon The Mullanphy family The Lucas & Hunts Thomas Hart Benton

2 William Clark 5 of his brothers fought in the Revolutionary War. Later joined the army and met Meriwether Lewis. 1803 Jefferson chose Lewis and Clark to lead an expedition to the west. In 1806 they returned He was later named superintendent of Indian Affairs and general of militia for the Louisiana Territory. 1820 he lost the gubernatorial election to Alexander McNair, A gray obelisk and bust of him was dedicated to his grave site in 1904. It now faces the spot of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers where he and Lewis started their expedition.

3 John O’Fallon Fought & wounded at Tippecanoe Invited by Uncle William Clark to live in St. Louis Later becomes President of MO Pacific, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Buys and develops large amounts of real estate PHILANTHROPIST Gave land to St. Louis University and Washington University

4 John O’Fallon Built Pope Medical College after son-in-law (later becomes part of Wash. U. School of Medicine) Gives away 60 acres to form new park- FAIRGROUNDS PARK When he died and widow died, land was turned into park- O’FALLON PARK Gave land away for Bellefontaine & Calvary cemeteries

5 Athlone- The O’Fallon Home

6 The Mullanphy Family John Mullanphy Bryan Mullanphy

7 John Mullanphy Came to St. Louis from Ireland in 1804 Made $ thru book store, real estate, and cotton 1 st millionaire in STL War of 1812 story Able to spend rest of life as philanthropist Donated a house to be turned into a hospital by Sisters of Charity- ST. LOUIS MULLANPHY HOSPITAL Built house for Sisters of Charity

8 John Mullanphy Mullanphy gave house and land to Sisters for 999 years Terms of the Contract: must take in and educate 20 orphans a year; but must be barefoot to remind them of their lot in life Sisters still fulfill obligation today Had 15 children; only 7 daughters and a son outlive parents Daniel Page Story

9 Bryan Mullanphy Eventually becomes: 1. Mayor of St. Louis 2. Federal Judge FOUNDER 1. St. Vincent de Paul Society 2. Traveler’s Aid Society Also becomes major philanthropist

10 Bryan Mullanphy Bryan & the Cow story Bryan & Houses story Father felt Bryan lived so foolishly he cut him out of the will Sisters split inheritance anyway after parents die

11 The Lucas & Hunts The LucasThe Lucas Judge J.B.C. Lucas Charles Lucas Anne Lucas The HuntsThe Hunts Theodore Hunt Wilson Price Hunt

12 Judge J.B.C. Lucas Born in France in 1758 Elected to Penns. House of Reps and later U.S. House Named Federal judge in the Louisiana Territory by Jefferson, moves to St. Louis

13 Judge J.B.C. Lucas Only 2 children outlive Judge Son Charles was killed by Thomas Hart Benton in duel Later Judge lost to Benton in MO first Senate race Donated land, along with Chouteau, for the Old Courthouse

14 Ann Lucas Hunt Daughter of Judge Lucas Married Capt. Theodore Hunt; lived off Gravois Road in Affton; land later sold to Frederick Dent who gives land away to son-in- law U.S. Grant; land today known as Grant’s Farm Theodore later dies; marries his cousin Wilson Price Hunt Ann becomes philanthropist All 3 buried in same mausoleum

15 Wilson Price Hunt Marries Ann Lucas in 1836 He is Postmaster of St. Louis Judge Lucas gives them land as wedding gift Land becomes known as Normandy- after place where Lucas family originated from) Major street thru Normandy- LUCAS & HUNT RD.

16 Manuel Lisa Moves to St. Louis and becomes involved in fur trade Becomes explorer of Indian territories looking for fur Builds Fort Lisa in Omaha 1808- Teams w/ Clark and Chouteaus to form MO Fur Company Married 3 times- 1st to Native American. 3rd wife was Mary Hempstead Traveled to Manchester, MO to bath in Sulphur Springs when he felt ill in 1820; did not help and died same year

17 Thomas Hart Benton U.S. Senator 1821-51 In 1815, he went to St. Louis, where he became editor of the Missouri Enquirer He entered the U.S. Senate on Missouri's admission to the Union in 1821 and was four times reelected.

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