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Farmers and Populism Chapter 9, Section 3.

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1 Farmers and Populism Chapter 9, Section 3

2 Plight of the Farmer Farmers received low prices for their crops but had to pay high prices for transportation. Oliver H. Kelley founded the Grange organization, which goals included: 1. providing education on farming techniques 2. calling for the regulation of railroad and grain elevator rates

3 Farmer’s Alliance These alliances formed cooperatives to collectively sell their crops, and they called on the federal government to establish “sub-treasuries” or postal banks to provide farmers with low-interest loans. At first, the alliance was made up of white farmers only, but African-American farmers soon came to form their own. Racial tensions prevented cooperation between the two groups.

4 Populist Party Goals 1. To fight low prices, they called for the coinage of silver. 2. To fight high costs, they demanded government ownership of railroads. Mary Elizabeth Lease (Dorothy) advanced the cause of women’s suffrage.

5 Populist Party Successes
In 1892, the Populists won three governors, five senators, and ten congressmen. They knew that to really gain political power, they needed to united whites and blacks in the South. The Democrats used this to show that the Populist Party would lead to “Negro Supremacy,” to diminish the appeal of the party.

6 William Jennings Bryan
He spoke for the “plain people of the country.” He was a member of the Populist Party. The Democratic party chose Bryan to run for president. For the first time, the presidential candidate toured the nation, speaking to the people.

7 William McKinley Raised $15 million for his campaign.
He won the election of 1896 and won reelection over Bryan again in 1900. The Populist Party only survived about ten more years after 1896 and most of its members returned to the Democratic Party. The ideals they fought for would soon become a reality!

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