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3 Do Now-What can use Excel spreadsheets for? 1. Calculate/Formula 2. Create graphs 3. Use as a data base

4 What does this formula mean? =B7*C7 It means multiply cell B7 times C7

5 What does the formula =SUM(B1:B5) mean? Add all the numbers from cell B1 through B5. =sum(B1:B5)




9 Terms Used in This Lesson Cells Columns Rows Sums Autosum Formulas - Excel basics


11 Objectives Enter and edit formulas. Change column width and row height. Position text within a cell by wrapping, rotating, indenting, and aligning. Change the appearance of cells using fonts, styles, colors, and borders. Use the AutoSum button and the point- and-click method to enter formulas. Display formulas in the worksheet.

12 Change Column Width and Row Height To change the width or height, place the mouse pointer on the right edge of a column or top of a row. The pointer will change to a double-headed arrow. Widen a column or row by dragging the double-headed arrow.

13 Enter and Edit Formulas A worksheet formula consists of two components: –Operand is a number or cell reference used in formulas. –Operator tells Excel what to do with the operands. For example, in the formula =B3+5, B3 and 5 are operands. The plus sign (+) is an operator.

14 Identify the Parts of a Function Formula A function formula has three components: –the equal sign –a function name –an argument The argument is a value, cell reference, range, or text that acts as an operand in a function formula. Example: =SUM (E4:E22)

15 Order Evaluation

16 Point and Click The point-and-click method is helpful when you must enter long formulas. Include cell references in a formula by clicking on the cell rather than keying the reference.

17 Use the AutoSum Button The AutoSum button is used to sum long columns of numbers. –Place the highlight in the cell where you want the total to appear. –Click the AutoSum button. –Excel then displays an outline around the range it has selected. –Press Enter to display the sum in the cell.

18 Display Formulas in the Worksheet When creating a worksheet with many formulas, it might be easier to organize formulas and detect formula errors when you can view all formulas at once. To view formulas, choose Options on the Tools menu. Or press Ctrl + ` (key next to the #1 key)

19 Perform Immediate and Delayed Calculations Formula calculations can be performed at a specific moment instead of when a worksheet is changed. Delayed calculation is performed by clicking the Manual button on the Calculation tab of the Options dialog box. Manual calculation is performed by pressing the F9 key.

20 Summary Worksheet formulas perform calculations on values in the worksheet. Relative, absolute, and mixed cell references are used to create formulas. Formulas may be created quickly by using the point-and-click method.

21 Summary (cont.) A group of cells may be summed quickly by using the AutoSum button on the toolbar. You may view the formulas used to create values in a worksheet by making selections in the Options menu. You may delay calculation, however, until a time you specify by choosing Manual Calculation in the Options dialog box.

22 Day 2

23 Pros/Cons

24 Review with the students what credit is and what purpose it serves in a person’s life. Get the students to begin thinking about “good” credit and “bad” credit!

25 advanced features in Microsoft Excel realities of the world of work math curriculum - relevant to everyday life to be a smart consumer

26 4 Insert headings as seen in student handout 4 Insert data gathered from Homework 4 Work with teacher on designing formulas to calculate interest, minimum monthly payment, and credit card balance

27 4 Highlight monthly card balance located in rows H10 to I22 4 Select charting button and choose line chart to represent data 4 Insert Titles and Legends

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