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Running Club Racing at Hayling Island Sailing Club.

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2 Running Club Racing at Hayling Island Sailing Club

3 Resources: Race Management Handbook HISC Website HISC Yearbook Weather websites – Chimet, Windguru,etc

4 Plan - Before the Weekend Familiarise with sailing instructions. Familiarise with Racing Rules of Sailing. Contact members of the race team. (email & phone in Dutyman) Decide how you will organise the team

5 Plan – Race Team RO Line sighter Timekeeper Flag signaller Sound signaller Recorders Mark layer RIB Safety RIB

6 Plan - Before the Weekend Check Tides- times - strength Check weather – follow trend Prepare course options

7 Plan - Before the Weekend Speak to the club marine department and find out what the state of the boats will be. Consult the calendar and see what else (open meets etc) is happening at the same time Will you need to run ‘Sportive Club’ ?

8 Plan - Before the Weekend Safety Read Risk Assessment – will this affect racing? Consider how you will deploy safety boats Be aware of CODE RED procedure

9 Race day 2.5 hr before start Report to the Club Office Collect duty list, weather forecast & CRO’s handbook Check equipment resources are in place and you know where they are! (committee boat on pontoon ?)

10 Race day – Safety Club Racing Risk Assessment Form Complete the 1 st part of form Check safety resources – are there sufficient for prevailing conditions ?

11 Race day – Team Briefing Explain plan for day Duty allocations Time checks Radio checks

12 Race day – Safety Briefing Check safety boats are aware of their responsibilities Positioning of RIBs before, during and after racing Consider appointing a ‘safety leader’ Time checks – when to go afloat Radio checks

13 Race day - 2 hr before start Decide on format – area & courses Set the courses Check that the sign on/off sheets and the flag schedule is posted on the ONB Allocate duties

14 1 – 1.5 hrs before start Finalise course & post on ONB Copy courses for RIBs & race team Race team to committee boat

15 Committee Boat Tasks Equipment check – flags etc. Radio checks – patrol boat call-signs Leave the dock (earlier if in Bay) Go to start area – water depth ! Anchor – check holding

16 Pre-start procedures Record boats / class / sail number Monitor wind direction / strength Check time (timekeeper) Communicate with mark layer RIB(s) Set up flags

17 Layout of Flags & Halyards Orange flag Class (Warning) flags Preparatory – P flag (or I or Black ?) AP X 1st Sub N S Blue flag

18 Number of boats x length of the boat plus 10% to 50% Other factors are: size and manoeuvrability of boats sea conditions wind strength current Start Line Length

19 Laying start line Drop, drop, drop Always stream parallel to the committee boat!

20 Starting Procedures Timekeeper Rules ! Use Flag Sequence Sheets

21 Postponement Display AP

22 Postponement These signals can be used for any reason whatsoever! Reasons can include: Mark drifting major wind shift leading to heavily biased line mistiming between signals misfiring of sound signals broken halyards on the committee boat etc.

23 Postponement AP over a numeral Hours postponement AP over H Further signals ashore AP Indefinite postponement AP over A No more racing today

24 Individual Recall Identify those boats that are OCS (On the Course Side of the line)

25 Individual Recall Record OCS Watch the boat(s) to see if they return Leave displayed for 4 minutes if they do not return When all returned remove X (without a sound signal) and delete OCS from record Display X

26 General Recall Identify boats that are OCS (On the Course Side of the line)

27 General Recall Display 1 st Sub To be used: when there are several unidentified OCSs or if there is an error in procedure

28 Monitoring the Race Observe the Fleet Check Progress Shorten ?

29 Shorten Course Display S Displayed at a rounding mark: finish between the mark and the staff displaying ‘S’ Display over class flag(s) if not shortening all classes Use when wind dies, another race needs to be fitted into the day, etc Consider time limit and target times Club Line Shorten – procedure in SIs.

30 Finishing Line 7 boat lengths long 90 o to last mark 90 o to sailing wind for beats or runs Cross from direction of last mark

31 Finishing Procedure Prepare Line Blue Flag Record – written – use finish sheets Record – audio Time Sounds

32 Race Results Race officer to check results Record OCS, DNS, etc. Presentation is important to ensure accuracy Return to results office – work with results secretary May phone from race area

33 Two Races in a Day Shorter time limits Short first race Consider order of classes – do not stick rigidly to list order

34 Any other business… Protests Requests for redress Sign-off Risk Assessment form

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