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Welcome To The Church Of Christ. In Them Ye Think Ye Have Eternal Life John 5:39-40.

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1 Welcome To The Church Of Christ

2 In Them Ye Think Ye Have Eternal Life John 5:39-40

3 Investigation Properly Probing Search – Research Diligently Means to search diligently or anxiously----applied to a lioness who has lost her whelps The Bereans were commended Acts 17:11 ---Timothy was reminded II Tim 3:15 – Rightly Divide O.T. & N.T. – Recognizing Dispensations Patriarchal, Mosaic, Christian Past Precepts the scriptures – Read to Discern Ethiopian Eunuch Acts 8:34 Present Precepts – II Tim 3:16 – John 6:63

4 Speculation Possession for in them – The Jew studied the O.T. scriptures to the letter – Possession of a Bible is not enough to be saved – Knowing the Bible is not enough to be saved Rom 3:1-2 Presumption ye think ye have eternal life – The thought that they would obtain eternal life by having the scriptures The same scriptures that were so important to them testified of Jesus – By rejecting Jesus they were rejecting the scriptures How many today say “I know & love the Lord” but reject his words – The O.T. scriptures were not given to man to save him from his sins Gal 2:21 & 3:21 – The word of God leads us to the way of salvation

5 Verification Prophets Message and they are they – The O.T. prophets spoke about Jesus coming to the world – The gift of prophecy Promised Messiah which testify of me – Duet 18:15---John 1:45----Acts 3:22-23 – The O.T. refers to Christ Coming Birth Life Death Prove Message – We have an obligation to test whether religious teacher are true – I John 4:1

6 Hesitation Pitiful People and ye will not – They were pitiful because they let their prejudices stand between them and God – They knew the scriptures, but knowing the scriptures did not produce faith in Christ – We do not have to hesitate when it comes to believing and obeying the truth Heb 3:7-9 Prince of Peace come to me – Jesus is the Prince of Peace Is 9:6 – Obeying Jesus creates peace in our lives – No matter your circumstance you can have peace if you obey Jesus

7 Liberation People that ye might – Believing in Christ gives the ability to be saved John 1:12 – Jesus wants all men to be saved Matt 11:28-30 Pardon have eternal life – Pardon means to take away the punishment that is deserved Acts 2:38 – Eternal life refers to life after death – This is a life that will never end Matt 25:46

8 We are not Catholics, Protestants, or Jews We are Christians in the body of Christ I Cor 12:22

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