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ACA practice.

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1 ACA practice

2 1 Load the saved selection named Sky Choose > Select > Load Selection And then look within the document drop down and the channel drop down to find the correct answer based on whatever selection you were told to choose.

3 2 How can an RGB document be previewed to see what it would look like when printed in CMYK without modifying image data? Mode > cmyk View > view as CMYK File > Save As > CMYK View > Proof Setup > Working CMYK 

4 3 Using the existing font settings, add the text Duck as a vertical type layer to the image. Simply use the vertical type tool that is grouped with the horizontal type tool. Click in the image canvas and type the word Duck.

5 Scale the image to fit the printable area of the paper, an then print it. File > Print > Scale to fit media and the click Print

6 Without changing the resolution, resize the image to 600 pixels wide by 428 pixels high, using the best resampling interpolation for change in size. If you are resizing smaller choose Bicubic Sharper; if enlarging choose bicubic smoother

7 A large, conservative security firm needs a logo and marketing materials that promote feelings of security, trust, and strength. Which font type would be most appropriate? Novelty fonts Sans-serif fonts Handwritten fonts Script/ornamental fonts

8 Automatically correct the image color balance
Image > auto color

9 Without using grayscale mode, change the photograph so it is black and white. Image > adjustments > black and white > click auto

10 What is the definition of gamut?
Gamut is another name for color space Gamut is the resolution height times the resolution width Gamut is a definition of the bit depth per pixel of an image Gamut is the range of colors that can be printed or displayed

11 How do you create a web page that has multiple JPEG images displayed with a navigation bar?
File > Save As > HTML File > Save for Web and Devices Bridge > Tools > Publish to Website

12 Using a selection tool, add the eye of the falcon to the active selection. Use the rectangular marquee and the add to selection from the options bar…. Select the area and then it is added … Proceed

13 Create a layer group named Mountains that contains the images named Mountain 1, Mountain 2, Mountain 3 Select all layers by holding the shift key down In the drop down menu on upper right side of layers panel, select new group from layers In the text box type the name Mountains

14 Create a solid fill layer using the current foreground color
Make a new layer Go to edit Select Fill Make sure foreground is in the text field Click OK

15 Without using the rulers, place a vertical guide at 300 pixels.

16 Using a retouching tool, remove red-eye from the photograph.
The red eye tool is located under the spot healing brush tool

17 Which option is available for Rendering Intent under color management for printing?
Working RGB Working CMYK Web safe colors Relative Colorimetric

18 Convert the layer named Layer 1 to a Smart Object.
Select layer 1 In the drop down menu on upper right side of layers panel, select convert to smart object

19 1. 2. 3. Create a new style named Love from the layer named Love Me
Open the Styles Palette - Window>Styles. Press the small square button at the bottom of the window - Create new style. Press OK and type in the name of your style, for example, “Love". 1. 2. 3.

20 Apply the Inner Glow layer effect to the layer named Text Outline.
Select the layer named Text outline In the layers panel click on the FX icon at the bottom of the panel Click on Inner Glow Click OK

21 In the Background layer, sharpen the edges of the image, setting the amount to 100%, the radius to 1 pixel, and the threshold to 11. Select the background layer In Filter drop down menu select sharpen, then UNSHARP MASK Set the dialogue box to the given parameters Click OK

22 Expand only the right side of the canvas by 50 pixels.
In the Image drop down menu select Canvas In order to add space on the right side, you must click on the left arrow in the dialogue box Add 50 to the number in the width box Click OK Add 50 to this number

23 Increase the saturation of only the cyan color in the imagine to +50
Go to the Image drop down menu and select adjustments Choose Color Balance Move the Cyan slider to +50 Click OK

24 Which two are phases of production that are specifically a part of an artist’s responsibility in a Photoshop project plan? (Choose two.) Intended audience Client’s goals

25 Which three statements are true about color? (Choose three.)
Primary colors are red, green and blue. Complimentary colors are used to create contrast analogous colors are colors that are found side by side on the color wheel

26 Destructively change the imagine Background layer saturation to -70.
Select the background layer In the Image drop down menu choose Hue/Saturation Slide the saturation glider down to -70 Click OK

27 Which feature can be used to store information about copyright and ownership?

28 Dock the color panel to the bottom of the adjustments panel.
Grab the color panel Move it under the adjustment panel until you see a blue outline release

29 Apply a vertical gradient to the current selection that is black at the bottom and transparent at the top. Select the graident tool in the tool panel – It is located under the bucket tool In the gradient options bar at the top select the linear gradient with the transparent option Drag your cursor from the bottom of the image up to the top and release

30 Add a new horizontal text layer to the graphic that contain the text CLIMB. (Note: Accept all default settings.)

31 Select the sky using a tool that enables you to select a consistently colored are with a single-click. Magic wand

32 Erase only the sign, revealing the white background layer behind it.

33 Apply a nondestructive mask to the current selection in the layer named Bird.
The nondestructive mask which is also called a layer mask is located at the bottom edge of the layers panel. It looks like the icon that is circled in the picture below:

34 How can a Camera Raw file be created?
Create the file in a Digital Camera.

35 Display the imagine in Print Size view.
In the View drop down menu choose Print size

36 What is the rule of thirds?
Nine equal sections,. Dividing the imagine by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines.

37 Which is the primary function of Adobe Bridge?
To manage, open and view files.

38 Which two factors should most influence design choices when working on a project for a client? (Choose two.) Client goals, target audience.

39 Apply the Sunspots (Texture) style to the layer named Text Outline.
Open the Styles Palette - Window>Styles. Click on the sunspot icon (second row last icon in yellow)

40 Which color mode is the most effective to use for final output when a poster will be printed on an offset press? CMYK.

41 What will a browser do if it can not exactly match the original colors selected for an image?

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