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Composition Basics Mahlon Stacy

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1 Composition Basics Mahlon Stacy

2 There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs Ansel Adams

3 Simple rules Background & Foreground Rule of Thirds (aka The Golden Ratio) Lines Curves Framing

4 Background & Foreground Background is the foundation Consider the background first Simplicity yields better photos

5 Background – yechhh!

6 Background OK

7 Rule of Thirds Having your main subject off center generally yields more interesting photos Divide the image into 9 equal parts Place elements along lines or at interesections

8 Rule of Thirds



11 Lines & Curves Vertical lines create tension Horizontal lines create peace Diagonal lines are dynamic… they draw the eye into the image S-curves are graceful… they draw attention

12 Vertical Lines

13 Horizontal Lines

14 Diagonal Lines



17 S Curves



20 Framing Adding a frame adds depth to an image Additional interest when frame associates with elements

21 Framing



24 References Mastering Landscape Photography Alan Briot Working the Light: A Landscape Photography Masterclass Joe Cornish, Cherlie Waite, David Ward, Eddie Ephraums Taking your photography to the Next Level George Barr r_photographic_composition.html

25 What I use Nikon D80 18-135mm kit lens 70-300mm VR Zoom 50mm f1.8 E Series SB600 Speedlight Panasonic FZ30 Circular Polarizers ND Filters PS Elements 7 Premiere Elements 7 Adobe Lightroom Epson R340 Epson 1900 Photoshelter web site

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