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Using Paintings as Evidence Queen Elizabeth The Rainbow Portrait.

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1 Using Paintings as Evidence Queen Elizabeth The Rainbow Portrait

2 One of the reasons Elizabeth stayed as queen for so long was because she made sure everybody knew how powerful and important she was, by having her portraits painted. Copies of these were sent all over the country for people to see. Each portrait had a set of special symbols painted on it. These were signs of Elizabeth’s strengths and qualities as queen.

3 Because Elizabeth was trying to create an image artists painted her as they were told to and very often the result was not a true likeness. This seems to certainly be the case during the end of her reign when portraits were not very accurate at all. The best example of this is the Rainbow portrait

4 The Rainbow Portrait How old do you think Elizabeth was when this portrait was painted? It was painted toward the very end of her reign and she was in her 60s! Look again at the portrait, Elizabeth was facing rebellion in the North at this time, does this help to explain why she looks so youthful? Image used with the kind permission of Hatfield House

5 Look at the different symbols on Elizabeth's dress, what do you think they each mean? Click on the picture for more information.

6 The Rainbow Elizabeth's right hand holds a rainbow with the Latin inscription 'Non sine sole iris' ('No rainbow without the sun'). The rainbow symbolises peace, and the inscription reminds us that only the queen's wisdom can ensure peace and prosperity.

7 The Serpent A jeweled serpent is entwined along her left arm, and holds from its mouth a heart-shaped ruby. The serpent symbolises wisdom; it has captured the ruby, which in turn symbolizes the queen's heart. In other words, the queen's passions are controlled by her wisdom

8 Her Headdress Her headdress is an incredible design decorated lavishly with pearls and rubies and supports her royal crown. The pearls symbolize her virginity; the crown, of course, symbolizes her royalty.

9 Her Cloak Her cloak is decorated with eyes and ears, implying that she sees and hears all and that everyone see and hears Elizabeth.

10 The Jewelled Glove The jewelled glove shows that men will ‘throw down the gauntlet’ for Elizabeth which means that they will fight a dual in her honour.

11 Click the mouse to see some more symbols of power. There meanings have been written down for you. The Tudor rose Symbol or royalty A portcullis Symbol of royalty Sceptre Symbol of royalty Papers held in hand Person has important business to do Storm clouds Elizabeth drives the bad times away The sun Elizabeth brings peace

12 Task Elizabeth is getting old and ill. She hears that people in the North of the country are getting restless. She must have her portrait painted. There must be symbols to show how powerful she is. You are her dress designer What symbols will you sew onto her dress? What symbols will she tell the artist to paint into the picture? Use the whiteboard tools or print out the image to design her dress.

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