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U R B A N G R E E N I N G P L A N Green Vision 2035.

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1 U R B A N G R E E N I N G P L A N Green Vision 2035

2 City Council March 19, 2013 Tonight’s Presentation Background Purpose/Goals Consultant Selection Process Recommend Award to MIG, Inc. MIG Presentation

3 City Council March 19, 2013 Background Proposition 84 Urban Greening Planning Grant –Help State meet environmental goals (AB 32) –Create healthy communities –Result in projects that provide multiple benefits –Grant application recommended by EQC, Parks & Recreation –Awarded $239,498 (Round 2) Urban Greening Task Force –Members of Parks & Recreation Commission, Environmental Quality Committee, Committee on Aging, Tree Committee, Trail Trekkers, Community Garden Network –Public Works Department, Recreation Department, City Manager’s Office, Environmental Services Division

4 City Council March 19, 2013 URBAN GREENING PLAN CONSULTANT AWARD Background What is Urban Greening? –Related to but different than a Parks & Recreation Master Plan Incorporates urban design, walkability, active living, resource conservation, biodiversity, community resiliency, economic vitality, green infrastructure Overlapping Needs Assessment –Transformative approach to improving cities through public places that provide social and environmental benefits –Recognizes land constraints in built-out cities –Aims to improve quality of life and create a sense of place through a variety of strategies Improving connectivity to places; creating day-to-day places that feel and function like parks; utilizes all places- streets, public right-of-way, other public and quasi-public places such as BART stations –Includes improving existing parks and green spaces and identifying new ways to meet a communities desire and need for such places

5 City Council March 19, 2013 Purpose Implement City Goals, Plans, Policies –Strategic Plan (draft) Deepen a sense of place & community Develop & rehabilitate public facilities & community focal points Ensure the public’s health & safety Foster environmental sustainability citywide –General Plan Create a Green Infrastructure Initiative Improve bicycle & pedestrian access Provide adequate, diverse & accessible recreational opportunities for all residents in parks, schoolyards, and open space

6 City Council March 19, 2013 Purpose Implement City Goals, Plans, Policies –Climate Action Plan Promote Bay friendly tree plating and landscaping and open and green spaces Create a walkable physical environment Encourage residents to reduce vehicle miles traveled –San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan (underway) Parks, public places, landscaping key to revitalization of Avenue –Economic Development Strategy Improve physical urban environment Create sense of place Foster Strong Community Vision & Support Support Data-Driven Decision-Making Advance Implementation

7 City Council March 19, 2013 Goals Robust Needs Assessment –People-to-People; People-to-Nature –Reflective of Diverse Population & Demographics –Context Driven Ensure Broad Participation –Foster Community Vision & Support –Underrepresented Populations Develop Projects with Multiple Benefits –Connectivity & Accessibility –Healthy Active Community –Resource Conservation –GHG Reduction –Support Economic Vitality Foster Implementation –Community Priority –Project Readiness

8 City Council March 19, 2013 Request for Proposals Qualifications Based Process –Urban Greening Task Force reviewed RFP –Released January 22, 2013 –Proposals Due February 15, 2013 –Urban Greening Task Force/Staff Reviewed –Four Proposals /Four Teams Interviewed February 28, 2013 Interview Format –Presentation, Simulated Task Force Work Session, Q&A –Looking for Team that could provide the best “fit” for City

9 City Council March 19, 2013 MIG, Inc. Superior Qualifications –Urban Design, Parks & Recreation, Bay Friendly Landscaping Inspiring Vision for El Cerrito Urban Greening Potential –Supportive of other city goals Comprehensive Understanding Benefits/Opportunities/Challenges –Lighter, quicker, strategic Strong Understanding and Ideas for Public Engagement –Excellent visual & public involvement strategies/tools Synergies with San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan

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