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ORGANISED LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA (SALGA) PRESENTATION TO CNM Scope of the relationships between local governments of IBSA 14-16 July 2009.

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1 ORGANISED LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA (SALGA) PRESENTATION TO CNM Scope of the relationships between local governments of IBSA 14-16 July 2009

2 Governments of the IBSA INDIA BRAZIL SOUTH AFRICA Recognition of the Constitutions of the IBSA Republics.

3 IBSA Local Governments IBSA LGF is determined to contribute within the limits of their capacities towards the development of: a bilateral technical commission which would be responsible for following up and implementing all decisions which would be of interest to the associations; a strong relationship between SALGA and IBSA and their respective local authorities; partnerships and twinning programmes among IBSA municipalities; mechanisms to exchange best practices; mechanisms for strengthening the role of women’s participation in local government in IBSA countries ;

4 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS CONTD. Programmes as articulated by the goals and objectives of IBSA, United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG & UCLGA),and other IR stakeholders worldwide; Identify & Share information and communication technologies available in local authorities in the IBSA. Deepen organised local government relations and friendship among IBSA countries.

5 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS The parties will implement a broad range of activities in support of decentralisation and local government institutional development. These activities can be delivered through various programmes managed by IBSA TECHNICAL TEAM as technical support to Ministries. These activities will cover cross-cutting municipal areas of interest ranging from municipal services and infrastructure to local economic development to municipal labour and community development.

6 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS The parties will assist ministries in charge of local government and decentralisation to elaborate and implement decentralisation policies, develop models for financing decentralisation, set up local governments, and share responsibilities and resources (intergovernmental relations and co-operative governance); The parties shall promote new forms of linkages and cooperation between the municipal public sector and other social actors, such as intermediary bodies, professional associations, universities and educational institutions (research), private enterprise, nongovernmental and community organizations.

7 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS IBSA parties shall provide comparative analysis of the experiences of national decentralisation programmes including best practices as a tool for monitoring and evaluation; IBSA parties shall strive to provide opportunities for national decentralisation stakeholders to network locally, regionally and internationally through institutions such as UCLGA, FLACMA, UCLG and the UN for visibility and improved performance on decentralisation programmes;

8 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IBSA parties shall strengthen the LGF to give more attention to issues related to decentralisation and local governments in IBSA. This dialogue strives to bring together LG ministries in-charge of Decentralisation, local development, local gvt authorities and their associations, NGOs, the business, and development partners, exchange experiences and best practices, and development challenges and common agreements on bottlenecks.

9 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IBSA parties shall, through collaborative efforts with institutions such as UNAIDS, AMICAALL and other possible co-sponsors, hold and facilitate series of meetings and workshops with local government leaders and their development partners on the role and contribution of local government to the national response to HIV/AIDS and the protection of vulnerable groups (i.e. women, children, the disabled, the elderly). A joint plan of action can then be developed to address common challenges.

10 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS The IBSA parties shall endeavour to work for the promotion of exchange on the development of a rational, effective and efficient Legal order and administrative structure which will secure both such goals within an equitable social order. The parties shall examine and study all the arrangements and means likely to help achieve the development of a long term co-operation between the IBSA countries.

11 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IBSA Parties shall inform their respective communities about the results achieved and shall assist each other in the implementation of mutually beneficial projects. The parties shall strive towards the development of direct contacts and the exchange of missions between the three countries and will assist in the identification of potential co-operation partners in Civil Society through the organization of conferences and the like.

12 IBSA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS In accordance with the principles of protocol, the host country will consult with the relevant authorities and bodies of its country in order to facilitate the procedures and practical arrangements for participation in fora, conferences and events organized by persons within IBSA on relevant aspects of local governance and democracy. The MOU will not constitute a legally binding agreement, but is only meant to strengthen bilateral ties between the IBSA LGs. In this regard, none of the parties can take, or attempt to take legal action against each other, and all disputes or disagreements shall be resolved through dialogue until mutual ways are found to resolve the differences. (Gentleman’s Agreement)

13 Thank You

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