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GL/AP/AR Release 11i Overview

2 Agenda Release 11i Overview Aesthetics 3 General Ledger
Functionality 5 Issues General Ledger Screen Shots 7 Payables Functionality Issues Payables Screen Shots Receivables Functionality Issues Receivables Screen Shots

3 Aesthetics The overall look and feel of the Oracle Release 11i suite has taken a step into the future. Appearance – New and improved Toolbar – Changed (better or worse?) Forms – Embedded, Tab delineated Login – Added procedures offer new functionality Navigation – virtually unchanged

4 General Ledger ORACLE General Ledger Release 11i

5 GL Functionality Inter-Company Functionality Change
New flexfield qualifier ‘Inter-Company Segment’ Same value set as the balancing segment New Inter-Company program GIS replaces CENTRA New GIS responsibilities distinct (GL_SUPERUSER) Consolidation Functionality Change Automatic inter-company eliminations Multi-Currency Enhancements Rounding Differences Daily Rates enhancements Journal Auto-Reversal Schedule auto-reversals for future periods Schedule reversal to run upon the opening of a period

6 GL Issues Additional Changes Segment Value Inheritance Known Bugs
Disabling a segment = Disabling relative combination ADI Enhancements Full Hierarchy Copy Mass Modify Descriptions Query/Find Segment Values Drilldown Functionality Oracle Projects, Assets, PO, Inventory, and WIP T-Accounts Window New Report – Inactive Accounts Listing Known Bugs Table width error in the calendar table Journal creation bug

7 GL Screen Shots GL Journal Entry Process

8 GL Screen Shots GL Journal Entry Form

9 Payables ORACLE Payables Release 11i

10 AP Functionality Creating Payables Accounting Matching to Receipts
New ‘Accounting’ feature allows: Posting at the sub-ledger level Online views of accounting entries Journal entry modification at the sub-ledger level Matching to Receipts 11i Payables allows matching of invoices to one or more receipt transaction Multiple Organizations Reporting The following reports support multiple organization reporting: AP Trial Balance Posted Invoice Register Posted Payment Register AP Transfer to GL Audit/Exception Reports

11 AP Issues Additional Changes Viewing Accounting Entries online within Payables eliminates need for some manual journal entry adjustments Multiple Organizations reporting features eases pain of using Automatic Offsets Known Bugs Problems with running the ‘Create Payables Accounting’ Process

12 AP Screen Shots View Accounting Lines

13 AP Screen Shots Matching Find Screen

14 Receivables ORACLE Receivables Release 11i

15 AR Functionality AutoInvoice Exception Handling Release 11i provides the functionality to query and correct invalid AutoInvoice interface data New form: “AutoInvoice Errors” window to view exceptions New form: “Interface Lines” window to update invalid records Cross Currency Lockbox AutoLockbox and QuickCash now provide the functionality to automate cross currency receipt application for both variable and fixed exchange rates Multi-Org Reporting Release 11i provides the functionality to report on data across operation units. Examples of standard AR reports that can be viewed at the SOB level include: Aged Trial Balance Credit Hold Report New AutoInvoice forms Use new “AutoInvoice Errors” window to view exceptions Use new “Interface Lines” window to update invalid records Other reports that can be viewed at the SOB level: Aged Trial Balance Customer Credit Snapshot Report Credit Hold Report U.S. Sales Tax Report VAT Reconciliation Report Canadian GST/PST Tax Report Report on data across operation units, other than the one linked to your responsibility

16 AR Functionality Credit Card: Credit Memo Workflow
Credit Card Processing (in partnership with Oracle Payment Server): The functionality requires Credit Card Payment Method to be established during configuration. Credit Card transactions are closed by Automatic Receipts, and remittances are created to initiate funds transfer to bank AR Online Integrated web interface that provides both external and internal users access to AR data and functionality via a browser Credit Memo Workflow Automate the credit memo process by systematically forwarding requests for approval via Oracle Workflow Credit Card: Process Credit Card Payments in Receivables easily (in partnership with Oracle Payment Server): Identify manually entered or AutoInvoice transactions for payment by credit card New Credit Card Payment Method specifies credit card processor merchant Ids Process Credit Card Payments easily: Identified transactions are closed by Automatic Receipts, and remittances are created to initiate funds transfer to bank Credit Card Authorization and Capture of the exact invoice amount is handled by Oracle Payment Server (serves as bridge between Receivables and electronic payment systems) AR Online Improves customer service and process efficiency by allowing both external and internal users access to Receivables functions via a Standard Web Browser: Extensive On-Line “Webby” Search for a particular customer (in address or contact info) and customer account information (on transactions and payments, requests). Also, Customer Search is Context-Indexed to maximize performance Dispute invoice amounts online, automatically triggering Credit Memo Workflow View status of credit memo request AR Online is fully integrated with Oracle Receivables, allowing internal users to: Easily query for particular customer Protected by security inherent in Oracle’s Standard Applications and Self-Service Web Applications Credit Memo Workflow Oracle Workflow automates the manual credit memo process Request is systematically forwarded for approval via Oracle Workflow Use As-is approval processes provided, or configure processes to meet business needs Check status of request via AR Online Transaction API automatically creates credit memo when request is approved Automatically create approved credit memo via AR’s Transaction API

17 AR Issues Additional Changes Known Bugs Global Tax Engine
Most AR interface tables have been updated. Pay special attention changes in these tables during upgrade Increase tax functionality related to VAT tax Ability to defer tax liability to the time when tax is collected rather then when invoice is created Known Bugs Significant issues with the customer interface Credit Memo form bug Global Tax Engine Tax Code Enhancements Control Taxable Basis of tax calculations Tax Group Enhancements Automate control and calculation of a schedule of one or more taxes Tax Enhancements Increase flexibility in Tax Codes and Tax Accounts used to calculate Value Added Tax (VAT) for Receivable Activities Optionally defer tax liability to the time when tax is collected rather then when invoice is created Deferred VAT Accounting Enhanced Tax Codes Allow control of Taxable Basis to base tax calculations on: Order Line Amount after Price List Discounts Invoice Line Amount before any Early Payment Discount (equivalent to above option) Invoice Line Amount, after Early Payment Discount Quantity and Unit of Measure Enhanced Tax Groups Allow automation of control and calculation of tax schedules on various taxable documents: Share Tax Codes across Tax Groups Specify unlimited number of conditions for when a Tax Code is used Define Tax Groups consisting of multiple, inclusive taxes Define a Tax Code within a Tax Group to be conditional on the country, or fields of the following Addresses: Ship From, Ship To Order Origin, Order Acceptance Validate how tax group is used to ensure that required taxes have been charged Choice of providing a custom error message or default tax code when validation within a tax code fails Automation of the complex selection of tax codes needed for European Union triangulations (e.g. Drop Ship transactions Tax Accounting for Receivable Activities improves system performance Flexibility in tax code and tax accounts used to calculate tax for the following activities: Adjustments Earned and Unearned Early Payment Discounts Finance Charges Miscellaneous cash (different set-up from the rest) Improves cash flow by allowing tax liability to be deferred to the time when tax is collected vs. when invoice is created (Note: Only in countries where deferred VAT is allowed

18 AR Screen Shots AR Online Inquiry Form

19 AR Screen Shots AR Online Invoice

20 Breakout Reminder Don’t forget to tell all your friends about the GL, AP, and AR breakout sessions from 11:00 – 12:00!


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