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A unique way to connect your extension cords without the traditional problems.

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1 A unique way to connect your extension cords without the traditional problems

2 Almost everyone has had an extension cord get caught on something and come apart while they are moving it. BeforeAfter

3 This new product can be easily used for many applications: Household Construction Business Garages Commercial

4 Today I will show how I will use this product to start an e-commerce initiative, a mockup of the product website, and show the steps it took to complete the process.

5 I Will start the business out small with one employee and a manufacturing facility. I will equip the building with tools and raw materials. I will install two Dell computers for receiving quantity and shipping information from PayPal. I will connect to the internet with Time Warner business solutions which provides internet access, e-mail, managed security, managed storage, and web hosting. I will outsource the web design to Imagination Web Design, this would include five pages, site maintenance, search engine optimization, and would also include web hosting services.

6 I will purchase two Dell computers and connect them to the internet (Time Warner business solutions). The service will include internet access with pro-lite with a two license seating and dedicated 2 mbps circuit. All shopping cart and checkout functions will be handled through PayPal. I will have penetration tester C.O.M.D.O. test the security of the website. The service is free until C.O.M.D.O Hacker Proof converts more visitors into buyers by 5%.

7 I will employ Imagination Web Design to build a five page website with a home page, product page, FAQ page, customer service page, and a buy now page linked directly to PayPal. I will have ad space and a navigation bar on every page. I will use Google Analytics to optimize my ad website conversion rate, decrease visitor bounce rate, increase time spent on my site, increase visitor satisfaction and eliminate guess work on my web design.

8 Website splash page:

9 I will target mostly men between the ages of 20 to 65. For the B2B I will go to many hardware an building supply stores requesting shelf space next to the extension cords. I will contact the larger construction companies to demonstrate the product, and leave free samples with the website address if further Orange Cord Grabbers would like to be purchased. My marketing plan for the web will be Imagination Web Design hosting will apply website optimization and submission to search engine.

10 I will open a merchant account with PayPal using website Payment Pro. It will set up direct payment and express checkout payment processing. Fraud Management filters would protect my business with filters that automatically screen and identify risky transactions. In the Reporting and Management department there will be a history log where I could view and secure a detailed online record of PayPal transactions as well as downloadable logs where I could download my transaction to various file formats like Quick Books.

11 I will have Imagination Web Design to maintain and upgrade the website as research and development offers new models, and they become available as part of the hosting fee. I will add employees and develop job specific task like manufacturing, shipping and receiving, customer service/secretary. This will allow me to manage all aspects of the business like find new markets for my products, reduce operational cost, improve employee communication, create distinct distribution channels, improve supply-chain management, waste management, customer information, and financial investment.

12 After conducting a SWOT analysis I have concluded that I need to fully develop my product, and include it with the sale of extension cords and other products pertaining to the Orange Cord Grabber. Thank You

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