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WAGGGS Presentation. History of WAGGGS Robert Baden-Powell 1st Baron Baden-Powell Agnes Baden-Powel.

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1 WAGGGS Presentation

2 History of WAGGGS Robert Baden-Powell 1st Baron Baden-Powell Agnes Baden-Powel

3 Robert and Olave Baden-Powell

4 An introduction to WAGGGS WAGGGS is the umbrella organization for National Girl Guide and Girl Guide Associations in 145 countries WAGGGS represents 10 million girls and young women worldwide from different beliefs, origins and backgrounds through its Member Organizations WAGGGS is a volunteer-led and volunteer involving organization

5 WAGGGS provides girls and young women with opportunities for self development through non-formal education WAGGGS builds on many decades of experience in running projects and providing high quality programmes

6 Vision and Mission Vision all girls and young women are valued and take action to change the world Mission to enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.

7 Governance The structure of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is based on three bodies: World Conference World Board and its committees World Bureau

8 We have five Regions Asia Pacific Region 25 Member Organizations : 2.6 million members Africa Region 31 Member Organizations : 700,000 members Western Hemisphere Region 36 Member Organizations: 3 million members Europe Region 39 Member Organizations : 1.2 million members Arab Region 14 Member Organizations 160,000 members

9 Our Chalet in Switzerland (1932) Our Cabaña in Mexico (1957) Sangam in India (1966) Pax Lodge in UK (1991) Africa World Centre Agreed at last world conference We have five World Centres International experience Leadership opportunities Adventure for girls and young women

10 Governance European Guide Conference Every three years for all MOs who are members of the Europe Region Strategies for the development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in Europe Elects Europe Committee WAGGGS Networking,sharing, developing partnerships

11 WAGGGS main work areas Membership Development Programmes and quality experiences Leadership Development Advocacy Marketing and PR

12 Providing opportunities for existing leaders to develop international leadership skills and experiences, to meet their needs and the needs of the organization at national, regional and world level. Actively developing potential leaders, specifically young women for current and future roles in their national organization as well as in regional and global resource pools and committees. WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme

13 Leadership Development Juliette Low -from 9 to 14 February at Sangam, India -Also on leadership. E ach Seminar has a different theme or focus Helen Storrow - from 18 to 26 April 2015 at Our Chalet, Switzerland - an international training on leadership for young women Toolkits E-learning (eg: i-lead) The Leadership Training Fund



16 An online course available in En, Fr, Sp For each person who wishes to develop her/his leadership potential. 20 minutes sessions. Free. You don’t have to be a girl guide or girl scout

17 Stop the Violence A campaign by WAGGGS and UN WOMEN that encourages girls, women, boys and men to speak about violence, understand their rights, and gain skills in advocacy & leadership to claim these rights. Developped in response to Member’s priorities: violence against girls and women: an issue they were most concern about.

18 Vision A world free of appearance-related anxiety for girls. Mission To empower girls to reach their full potential by strengthening their body confidence and self-esteem.

19 Opportunities at the World Centres Hosting leadership seminars: -Ex: Juliette Low, Helen Storrow Volunteer and internship possibilities: -Ex: Marketing & communication intern at Our Chalet -Ex: 3 weeks Community program at Sangam Independent/Group stays: -Ex: Winter week adventure at Our Chalet Find more:

20 Association of Ukrainian Guides

21 Our History Guiding was brought to Ukraine by the representatives of the Guides and Scouts of Norway. 1992 - Norway was officially assigned by WAGGGS as a link-country for Ukraine. 1994 – the first pan-Ukraininan training was held. Its aim was to find prospective leaders and spread the idea of Guiding around the country. 1995 – the Constituent Conference took place in Kiev. The Constitution and the executive bodies were established. 1996 - Association of Ukrainian Guides (AUG) was officially registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. 1998 – the first and only book on Guiding was published 1999 - AUG became an associate member of WAGGGS

22 Our Age Groups Guides 10-13 years old Rangers 14-17 years old Swallows 6 – 9 years old Unit leaders and Volunteers 18+

23 Our Educational Programme for Swallows 6-9 years old Cinderella’s Secrets Meeting Mowgli Mowgli Fairy’s Magic Chest Cat Leopold’s Lessons Doctor Aybolit’s Advice Kalynka’s Wanders across Ukraine Trefoil in the World of Guiding

24 Our Educational Programme for Guides (10-13 years old) Socialize easily! Live Healthy Life! Enjoy Your Leisure ! Learn and Make! Be Proud of Your Country! Create Your Own Style! Discover Guiding!

25 Our Educational Programme for Rangers (14-17 years old) Make the World Better: Community Service Discover Yourself: Personal development Become a Leader: Leadership in Guiding

26 To learn more We’re looking forward to the cooperation!

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