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Keir Boettcher Deputy District Attorney

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1 Marion County Senate Bill 416/Prison Diversion Pilot Justice Reinvestment April, 2015
Keir Boettcher Deputy District Attorney Marion County District Attorney’s Office Jeff Wood Division Commander Marion County Sheriff’s Office

2 Senate Bill (SB) 416 Origin
2011 Legislative Session: Initial discussions on SB416 Evidence-Based Sentencing Conference in Reno, NV Small, easily obtained, evidence-based sentencing decisions…KISS Collaborative project involving the District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Third Judicial District, Bridgeway Recovery Services and the Defense Bar Introduce “Risk and Need” principles within the judicial process and used at sentencing Target Population: “Non-Violent drug and property offenders with medium-to-high criminogenic risk” Allow for supervision to process…with a high degree of accountability geared towards offender change

3 SB416 Project Goals Evidence-based sentencing utilizing risk and needs assessments Provide wrap-around services to address criminogenic needs, including: Cognitive programming, mentoring, addiction treatment, parenting classes, employment services, and housing resource referrals Utilize administrative sanctions for technical violations Apply the appropriate level of case management which ensures coordinated delivery of services Balance of Supervision, Services, and Sanctions Assess and analyze the program data

4 Criteria Non-violent property and drug offenders who reside in Marion County District Attorney acts as the referring agency and “gate keeper” Medium-to-High risk as identified by the Public Safety Checklist (PSC) and the Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) Demonstrated degree of addiction (per the Texas Christian University Drug Screen Version 5 -TCUDS V) and motivation through the University of Rhode Island Change Assessment (URICA) No person-to-person, Domestic Violence, Sex Offenders or significant Mental Health diagnosis 60 cases/year

5 Justice Reinvestment Funding
Deputy District Attorney Determine case eligibility Apply Public Safety Checklist (PSC) to all cases Parole & Probation Deputy Pretrial Assessment: LS/CMI, URICA, TCUDS V EPICS: Address criminogenic risk factors within supervision plan 5 Jail beds Pre-Trial and violation sanctions Treatment and mentoring CADC Certified treatment counselor and professional mentor Total Program Funding: $500,000/yr.



8 SB 416 Process Map

9 Outcomes As of : 86 sentences to the program during the Biennium 90% remain in the community “Average” risk via the LS/CMI is 26 (High Risk) Recidivism rate: 11.3% Marion County: 19% Statewide: 24% Randomized Control Trial (RCT): July 2015

10 Contact Information Keir Boettcher Marion County District Attorney’s Office Jeff Wood Marion County Sheriff’s Office

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