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Introduction to Electro Meridian Analysis System (EMAS)

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1 Introduction to Electro Meridian Analysis System (EMAS)
Edited by Dr. Chuan-Min Wang, D.C., L.Ac.

2 Dr. Yoshio Nakatani Creator of Ryodokura

3 Dr. Nakatani’s Writing Doctor is consciousness work.
Consciousness comes from knowledge. Modality has no update problem. The goal is how to cure of patients.

4 Ryodoraku Pathological Phenomenon
1950 Dr. Nakatani measured skin resistance of an edematous patient with nephritis. Found a series of points in which electroconductivity was higher than the surrounding area. Check another kidney diseases as same. Kidney Ryodoraku ryo=good, do=conductive, raku=line

5 Ryodoraku Meridians H1 = LU meridian H2 = PC meridian H3 = HT meridian
H4 = SI meridian H5 = SJ meridian H6 = LI meridian F1 = SP meridian F2 = LV meridian F3 = KI meridian F4 = BL meridian F5 = GB meridian F6 = ST meridian

6 Relationship between Head's zones and Ryodoraku




10 Representative Measuring Point (RMP)



13 Representative Measuring Point (RMP)



16 Lung Ryodoraku Symptoms
H1 = Lung Meridian Specific: Nose, lung and skin High value: Stiff shoulder, Back disorder, Blood rushing to head, Adrenal Dis., Asthma Or Palpitation, Shoulder-Buck pain, Tonsilitis, Cough Low value: Chilly or numb sensation of extremities, HA, Respiratory Dis., Dizziness. Or Skin Dis., Dry throat, Shoulder buck Dis., Cough

17 PC Ryodoraku Symptoms H2 = Pericadial Cardiac meridian Specific: Heart
High Value: Stiff Shoulder Or Cardiac Dis., Upper arm pain, Constipation Low Value: Palpitation, HA Or Speech Dis., Heavy sensation of chest, Hot sensation of palm

18 Heart Ryodoraku Symptoms
H3 = Heart meridian Specific: Tongue, Armpit High Value: Full sensation of stomach, Constipation, Shoulder pain Or Heavy feeling of extremities, Dry throat, Heart Dis., Chilly upper arm, Yellowish vision, Hot palm, Fever, Speech Dis. Low Value: Palpitation, Nauea Or Lower chest Dis., Anxiety, Speech Dis., Hot palm, Diarrhea

19 SI Ryodoraku Symptoms H4 = Small Intestine meridian
Specific: Rhematism, Ear High Value: HA, Weak extremities, Lower Abd. Dis., Shoulder pain, Rheumatism Or Constipation, Oral Dis., Neck Dis., Fever Low Value: HA, Lower Abd. Dis.. Or Tinnitus, Hearing Diff., Chilly extremities, Diarrhea

20 SJ(TW) Ryodoraku Symptoms
H5 = Sanjao(Tripple Heater) meridian Specific: Lymph, Ear High Value: Urination Dis., Tinnitus Or Tinnitus, Flush w/ perspiration, Fever, Fatigue, Swollen throat Low Value: Respiratory Dis., Nausea Or Abd. Dis., Hyperpigmentation, Mild fever

21 LI Ryodoraku Symptoms H6 = Large Intestine meridian
Specific: Oral(teeth), Skin, Shoulder, Nose High Value: Stiff shoulder Or Toothache, Anal Dis., HA, Abd. Pain, Dizziness, Fatigue, Sensation of palms & fingers, Skin Dis. Low Value: Stiff shoulder Or Bowel Dis., Skin Dis., Diarrhea, Asthma, Anxiety, Dry throat

22 SP Ryodoraku Symptoms F1 = Spleen/Pancrea meridian
Specific: Stomach, Intercostal tissue, Brain(Emotion) High Value: Weak stomach, Joint Dis. Or Nasal Dis. Abd fullness, Nausea, Heavy chest, Food poison, Diarrhea, Constipation Low Value: Weak stomach, Skin Dis., Constipation Or Bowel Dis., Nausea, , Abd. Fullness, Anorexia, Poor appetite, Diabetes

23 LV Ryodoraku Symptoms F2 = Liver meridian
Specific: Sex organ, Intercostal tissue, Muscle, Eye High Value: Lumbago, Insomnia, Dizziness, Menstruation Dis. Or Chest pain, Eye Dis., Sex organ Dis., Discomfortable, Menstruation Dis. Low Value: Chilly LE, Dizzy, Impotence, Depression Or Urinary Dis., Vision Dis., lack/loss Streghth, Hernia, Intercostal Neuralgia

24 KI Ryodoraku Symptoms F3 = Kidney meridian
Specific: Suprarenal gland, Ear High Value: Malaise, Nausea Or Sex organ Dis., Dry throat, Hot sensation of feet, Sexual potency Low Value: Debility, Chilly LE, Impotence Or Decrease mental acuity, Tinnitus, Bowel Dis.

25 BL Ryodoraku Symptoms F4 = Urinary Bladder meridian
Specific: Eye, Nose, Brain, Pituitary High Value: Stiff Neck, LE Dis. Or Back Dis., HA, Excess Lacrimation, Eye pain, Nose bleeding, Cerebral Dis., Epilepsy Low Value: Stiff nape, Heavy/Weak LE, Back Dis. Or Sciatica, Anal Dis., Cerebral Dis., Epilepsy

26 GB Ryodoraku Symptoms F5 = Gallbladder meridian Specific: Eye, Head
High Value: Bitter taste, Throat Dis. Or Anorexia, Irritability, Fever, Shivering Low Value: Eye Dis., Dizziness Or Dizziness, Weak extremities, Ataxia, Yellow eye, Abnormal blood pressure

27 ST Ryodoraku Symptoms F6 = Stomach meridian
Specific: Emotion, Oral cavity(tooth), Nose, Upper lid, Mammary gland High Value: Stiff nape, Joint Dis. Or Mastitis, Dry mouth, Anorexia, Fever Low Value: Stiff shoulder, Constipation, Stomach fullness, Depression Or Hyperactivity of bowel, Dry mouth, Abd. Pain, Facial swelling, Shivering Diarrhea

28 Case: Parvoviurs 1-1 Mrs. Ouanna, 35 yo Latin women.
Affected by Parvovirus 2 years ago. Pain at both elbows, knees and ankles. Fatigue, no energy, sleep problem. IMMUE SYSTEM?

29 Who Need EMAS Acupuncturist Hospitals & Clinics Scientific Research
TCM Doctors Chinese Herbalists Massage Therapists Aroma Therapists Spa Center SCENAR Therapists Laser Acupuncturists Chiropractic Physician TCM Institutes TCM Teachers TCM Students Cosmetic Center

30 Case: Parvoviurs 1-2 Meridian Chart

31 Case: Parvoviurs 1-3 Ryodoraku Analysis

32 Case: Parvovirus 1-4 Meridian Analysis - Sanjao

33 Case: Parvovirus 1-5 Meridian Analyis - Spleen

34 Case: Parvovirus 1-6 Acupuncture - Traditional

35 Case: Parvovirus 1-7 Acupuncture - Traditional

36 Case: Parvovirus 1-8 Acupuncture - Ryodoraku

37 Case: Parvovirus 1-9 Acupuncture – Tung’s

38 Case: Parvovirus 1-10 Acupuncture – Son-Mother

39 Case: Parvovirus 1-11 Acupuncture – Self-Defined

40 Case: Parvovirus 1-12 Acupressure - Traditional

41 Case: Parvovirus 1-13 Acupressure – Massage Stick

42 Case: Parvovirus 1-14 Acupressure –Essential Oil

43 Case: Parvovirus 1-15 Acupressure – Self Defined

44 Case: Parvovirus 1-16 Suggestion

45 Case: Parvovirus 1-17 Medical Record

46 Case: Parvovirus 1-18 Analysis
SP Earth: severe excess. LV Wood: moderate excess. SJ Fire: moderate to severe deficiency. LI Metal: moderate deficiency. SI Fire: R-moderate deficiency. HT Fire: R-moderate to severe excess.

47 Case: Parvovirus 1-19 Analysis
Lower Body: more excess Upper Body: more deficiency Why? Tongue: white sticky coating with light tongue body. Spleen is number one choice. Then Liver meridian.

48 Case: Parvovirus 1-20

49 Case: Parvovirus 1-21 The patient came back to this clinic d/t fatigue, sleep problem and with mild left elbow aching. She had had severe flu for 2 weeks Kidney Gate(B/L) + Intestine/Liver/Heart Gate(L) Prick LI10/11 bilateral (esp. the right d/t more floating purple capillaries)


51 Case: Auto Accident 1-1

52 Auto Accident 1-2 & TMJ surgery

53 Body Energy average normal range is
Auto-Accident 1-3 Body Energy average normal range is 28 – 59 The patient is only 13.36 Even lower than 15 Exhausted Phase

54 Auto-Accident 2-1

55 Auto-Accident 2-2

56 Case: Auto-Accident 3-1

57 Case: Cancer 1-1

58 Case: Cancer 1-2

59 Body Energy average normal range is
Cancer 1-3 Body Energy average normal range is 28 – 59 The patient is only 14.73 Even lower than 15 Exhausted Phase

60 Case: Gallbladder Dysfunx 1-1

61 Case: Hiccup 1-1

62 Case: Infertility 1-1 w/ L4-5 Disc Degeneration

63 Case: Infertility 1-2

64 Case: Infertility 1-3

65 Body Energy average normal range is
Case: Infertility 1-4 Body Energy average normal range is 28 – 59 The patient is only 13.44 Even lower than 15 Exhausted Phase

66 Case: Infertility 2-1

67 Case: Infertility 3-1

68 Case: LBP 1-1

69 Case: LBP 1-2

70 Case: MBP 1-1

71 Case: Migraine 1-1

72 Case: Neck/Back Pain 1-1

73 Case: PMS 1-1

74 Case: Scoliosis 1-1

75 Case: Stress 1-1

76 Case: Stress 1-2 60 y/o White female Manager
Mother in Nursing home w/ unconsciouness Husband w/ both knee severe pain and had cancer surgery

77 Case: TMJ 1-1

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