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Transforming California

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1 Transforming California
Landforms of the San Andreas Fault Images & text by Thomas McGuire, Cave Creek Digital, Cave Creek, AZ “If we intend to live on this planet… we truly need to understand how it works.”

2 Exploring ways to find fault…

3 The author at Parkfield CA, site of USGS seismic experiment
The author at Parkfield CA, site of USGS seismic experiment. “Be here when it happens!”

4 Fault Issues 1. Fault Scarps & Alignments 2. Sag Ponds
3. Offset Drainages 4. Distortion of Human-Made Structures 5. Infrastructure Vulnerability

5 Basic California Geography
San Andreas Fault San Francisco San Joaquin Valley Basic California Geography Death Valley Mojave Desert Los Angeles Imperial Valley

6 San Andreas Lakes viewed from the south near San Jose

7 The San Andreas fault is part of the boundary between the North American and Pacific tectonic plates. It is classified as a right lateral transform fault. (To a person facing the fault, the far side shifts to the right.) Our Dynamic Earth, Robert Tilling, USGS, 1996

8 The Sea of Cortez.. (Known to Gringos as The Gulf of California.)

9 The US-Mexican Border (fence line) is as impervious to plate processes as it is to immigration.

10 The All-American Canal brings Colorado River water to the Imperial Valley of California.

11 Wind Farm north of Palm Springs near San Gorgonio Pass.

12 The main trace of the fault runs NE of Los Angeles, but numerous splay faults affect the LA Basin.. (So does smog.)

13 California Aqueduct at Palmdale, north of Los Angeles.

14 Gates along the California Aqueduct at Palmdale

15 San Andreas Fault road cut, CA 14 at Palmdale,

16 Detail of CA 14 road cut at Palmdale

17 Intersection of the San Andreas & Garlock Faults east of Tejon Pass.

18 The San Andreas and Garlock Faults John Marquis, USC

19 Remains of Manzanar Japanese American internment Camp (WWII) and the steep eastern front of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

20 Columnar jointing in basalt at Devil’s Postpile near Mammoth Lakes, CA

21 Top of jointed basalt columns, Devil’s Postpile, CA

22 Dante’s View, Death Valley, CA
Dante’s View, Death Valley, CA. Badwater, at -282 Ft, the lowest place in the Western Hemisphere, is at the bottom right.


24 San Andreas Fault, Carrizo Plain just north of CA 166.

25 Fence (see last slide) crosses San Andreas Fault near CA 166.

26 San Andreas Fault ridge, Elkhorn Scarp along the base of the Tremblor Range, Carrizo Plain, CA

27 Fault trace, Carrizo Plain, CA

28 San Andreas Fault, Carrizo Plain, CA

29 Stream offset along the San Andreas Fault, Carrizo Plain, CA

30 Soda Lake, Carrizo Plain,. A closed drainage (sag pond) feature.

31 Wallace Creek, USGS aerial view, about 1990
USGS Photo

32 Wallace Creek fault investigation area on the Carrizo Plain
Wallace Creek fault investigation area on the Carrizo Plain. Numbers show signed posted nature trail features. Next image at #1..

33 Tom at Wallace Creek fault offset .

34 Stream offset along the San Andreas Fault near Wallace Creek, CA

35 Stream offset north of the Carrizo Plain, on Bitterwater Road.

36 Sag pond, San Andreas Fault along CA 25.

37 San Andreas cable crossing & sag pond, CA Route 25.

38 Sheared tree limbs along CA, Route 25
; )

39 San Andreas Fault trace, CA Route 25.

40 California Route 25 along the San Andreas Fault.

41 Pressure Ridge, California Route 25.

42 San Andreas fault scarp & sag pond just east of California Route 25.

43 Slump structure near the San Andreas Fault, California Route 25.

44 Parkfield, CA. USGS seismic experiment center.

45 Laser triangulation and GPS site, Parkfield, CA

46 Bridge across San Andreas Fault at Parkfield

47 San Andreas Fault right lateral offset at Parkfield Bridge

48 San Andreas Fault Movement, DeRose Winery, Hollister, CA Note the new building at the top left.

49 28 years of offset at the Cienga Winery,

50 New construction & fault trace, June 2003, DeRose Cienga Winery
New construction & fault trace, June 2003, DeRose Cienga Winery. The offset ditch runs barely out of sight on the right.

51 San Andreas fault creep damage
De Rose Cienga Winery, south of Hollister CA

52 Town of Hollister, California viewed from the Calaveras fault scarp
Town of Hollister, California viewed from the Calaveras fault scarp. The San Andreas fault runs sub-parallel l,.5 miles west.

53 Wall on 6th Street distorted by Calaveras Fault creep (June 2003)

54 Rotational Translation on 6th Street

55 Offset curb, 6th Street Hollister

56 Offset curb on,7th Street

57 Roof damage, Hollister High School

58 Discrepant Event, Hollister ; )

59 5th Street, Hollister.

60 5th Street Detail #1

61 5th Street Detail #2

62 5th Street Detail #3

63 4th Street front steps..

64 Displaced sidewalk, 359 Locust Avenue, Hollister

65 Retaining wall, 359 Locust Avenue, Hollister.

66 Locust Avenue Garage & power pole. Garage built in 1929

67 Locust Avenue Curb & utilities

68 USGS, Menlo Park (Bay Area) Research Center

69 The San Andreas Fault passes a few kilometers west (left) of the Golden Gate Bridge.
San Francisco Tourism Photo

70 Bye bye to the fault! (Point Reyes)

71 Seismology & economics converge

72 California Transformed
The End. USGS map

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