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Act V.

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1 Act V

2 1. Why does the Clown believe he is “the better for my foes and the worse for my friends” ?
2a. What does Viola mean when she says, “Here comes the man, sir, that did rescue me”? His friends praise him and then make a fool of him, but his enemies tell him plainly that he is a fool. Therefore, he gains self-knowledge from his enemies and is only abused by his friends. Viola is letting the Duke know that Antonio came to his rescue when Sir Andrew was trying to engage him in a duel. Antonio insists that he has spent the last three months with Viola/Cesario, who he believes to be Sebastian.

3 2b. Why does the Duke think Antonio must be a madman?
3. At what point in this scene do you think the Duke realizes that Olivia is interested in Cesario? The Duke knows that Cesario has been at his court for the last three months, so Antonio must be mad. Olivia says Cesario did not keep his promise with her. She is more interested in the answer than she is in what the Duke is saying.

4 4a. Once the Duke realized he has lost Olivia’s love to Viola/Cesario, he threatens to kill Olivia. What does the decide to do instead? 4b. Why do you think Viola willingly goes with the Duke? Instead of killing Olivia, the Duke decides to kill the object of her love, Viola/Cesario. She is in love with the Duke, so she willingly goes with him, even if it is to her death.

5 5. What do Sir Toby’s remarks to Aguecheek show?
6. How does Viola come to realize that Sebastian really is her brother? The insults prove that Sir Toby has had enough of Sir Andrew and that the money and the beating are not so important to belch as finally ridding himself of the foolish Sir Andrew. The father had a mole on his brow, and he died on her thirteenth birthday.

6 7a. How does Olivia respond to the news that she is married to Sebastian and not to Cesario?
7b. What does the Duke do one he realized Viola/Cesario is a woman in disguise? Olivia is delighted that there are two Cesarios and that she is married to the brother. Orsino remembers that Viola/Cesario said he could never love a woman as much as she loves the Duke, who now wants to see Vila dressed in woman’s clothing. He agrees to marry her.

7 Durance- imprisonment
8. Define “durance.” In what way does Shakespeare cleverly work Malvolio back into the plot? 9. What reward does Maria receive for her part in the joke on Malvolio? Durance- imprisonment Viola needs to find the sea captain who is holding her woman’s clothing. Malvolio has the captain in prison, so Olivia sends for Malvolio. Maria wrote the letter, and as payment for her cleverness Sir Toby marries her.

8 10a. What does Fabian suggest, (through his speech) as a possible remedy for Malvolio’s mistreatment? 10b. How does Malvolio react to the speech? “How with a sportful malice is was follw’d May rather pluck on laughter than revenge; If that the injuries be jusly weigh’d That have on both sides pass’d” Fabian thinks everyone should just laugh at the joke and forget it. Malvolio is unable to laugh at himself, so he threatens revenge and storms out of the room .

9 11a. Why do you think Shakespeare ends the play with a song sung by the Clown?
11b. In what way does it support the overall theme that it is important to laugh at the confusion and foolishness in life? The clown is the character who provides insight and wisdom, as well as laughter. Shakespeare wants to end the play with an enjoyable tune sung by the clown. The song seems to be saying that life is full of troubles, so the audiences might as well enjoy the play.

10 12a. “Truly, sir , the better for my foes and the worse for my friends

11 12b. “More than I love these eyes, more than my life, More, by all mores, that e’er I shall love wife.” Viola/Cesario

12 12c. “O thou dissembling cub
12c. “O thou dissembling cub! What wilt thou be, When time hath sow’d a grizzle on they case?” Duke Orsino

13 12d. “Madam, you have done me wrong,”

14 12e. “Why, ‘some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrown upon them”
The Clown is repeating what Malvolio said earlier and Maria wrote in the letter disguised as Olivia ;0

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