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Centering Pregnancy Dr. Janet Seabrook M.D. CEO, Community HealthNet

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1 Centering Pregnancy Dr. Janet Seabrook M.D. CEO, Community HealthNet
April 4, 2004 Infant Mortality Conference Indiana University Northwest

2 Community HealthNet Incorporated in the State of Indiana in 1998
Became a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in 2006 CHN had over 31,000 patients visits in 2013 CHN has 5 locations in Northwest Indiana

3 Community HealthNet (219)880-1190 5 locations
Calumet High School Miller 3900 Calhoun Street Shelby Street Gary, IN Gary, IN 6100 Broadway Merrillville, IN Hammond location Main Office 5927 Columbia Ave West 5th Ave Hammond, IN Gary, IN (219)

4 Community HealthNet Leah Staples RN, CNM, AFNP Lead facilitator Marie Crisler, MA Centering/Prenatal Coordinator Vinnette Donaldson, RN Nurse educator Cherry Rosser, MA Prenatal staff

5 Community HealthNet In 2011 Community HealthNet received a grant from the March of Dimes of Indiana to implement a Centering Pregnancy Program Community HealthNet requested the funding to implement a pilot project using the Centering Model of care as a means to reduce the infant mortality among the patients of the health center A 2012 study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found a 47% reduction in preterm births for women in a Centering program compared to women in traditional maternity care

6 Community HealthNet What is Centering Pregnancy? Group Prenatal visits
that provide 3 components of prenatal care Assessment of the mom and the baby Education of the mom and significant others Support of the mom, the baby and family

7 Community HealthNet Centering Pregnancy creates a warm nurturing environment for the mom to be and her support system As the Centering Pregnancy Program has evolved CHN staff noted that without any prompting peer to peer mentors, household and community leaders are emerging among the participants Points of discussion in group can cover a wide range of topics (such as breastfeeding, tobacco cessation and nutrition)

8 Community HealthNet Group Model Centering Pregnancy
Initial intake done before 1st session First group session is usually started when the moms are between weeks Groups of 8-12 women, with similar due dates are placed together Moms will do their own weight and blood pressure An individual physical assessment is done within the group space by the provider

9 Community HealthNet 10 Sessions lasting two hours each and they are facilitated by a group leader 4 Sessions occur every 4 weeks: 16,20,24,28 6 Sessions occur every 2 weeks 30,32,36,38,40/PP

10 Community HealthNet

11 Community HealthNet Self Monitoring Mom checks her own BP Weight
Mom makes notations of the data for her record

12 Community HealthNet The Check-up

13 Community HealthNet Prenatal Physical Assessment Fundal height Fetal heart tones Fetal position

14 Community HealthNet

15 Community HealthNet Education Comfort Issues Risks of tobacco and its effects on the baby Exercise/relaxation Nutrition Childbirth preparation Sexuality Postpartum changes

16 Community HealthNet Education Communication/self esteem
Issues of Abuse Baby Care Infant Feeding Parenting Contraception

17 Community HealthNet Support Refreshments Formal and Informal Sharing and Networking Stability of the group members and a reduction in no show rates Exchange of names, telephone numbers Consistency of leadership by the healthcare team which leads to a decrease in provider shopping

18 Community HealthNet Support

19 Support…..Community Building
Community HealthNet Support…..Community Building

20 Community HealthNet

21 Community HealthNet

22 Community HealthNet

23 Community HealthNet

24 Community HealthNet

25 Community HealthNet Group 1 started November of 2012
11 women completed Centering Group 2 started in January of 2013 8 women completed Centering Group 3 started March of 2013 5 women completed Centering Group 4 started October of 2013

26 Community HealthNet Group 5 began on March 19, 2014
15 women are registered Group 6 began on April 2, 2014 10 women are registered There have been challenges such as finding a time that is suitable for the majority to obtain optimum attendance other challenges include transportation and childcare

27 Community HealthNet Visit the Centering Pregnancy Institute website for more information on Centering Refer patients who may be interested to learn more about Centering Pregnancy to Community HealthNet 1021 West 5th Avenue Gary, IN. (219) Become an advocate for Centering Pregnancy

28 Community HealthNet Next Steps Centering Parenting Mother-Baby care for the first year of life and beyond... Groups of 5-6 mothers/babies with similar birthdays Groups begin about 2 weeks after birth…or the Centering Pregnancy group continues to meet for 10 an additional sessions throughout the first year of life with the focus on Parenting and Life Skills

29 Centering Pregnancy Community HealthNet
CHN is building relationships and community CHN is assisting in creative problem solving CHN is creating an efficient means to educate CHN is creating a vehicle for social change CHN is CENTERING as a means to reduce Infant Mortality in Lake County

30 Community HealthNet Thank you Questions???

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