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By: Janet Mawiyoo – Chief Executive Officer Promoting Transparency in CSOs in Kenya.

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1 By: Janet Mawiyoo – Chief Executive Officer Promoting Transparency in CSOs in Kenya

2 Unique Kenya context: Unique Kenya Context: CSOs /Non Profits have experienced a rapid growth, Are diverse e.g. local NGOs, CBO, Associations, Trusts many, Company foundations a newer addition….. etc Foundations (in the western sense) are rear. KCDF is the main public, endowed CF – About 13 years Other philanthropic organizations include Family Trusts or foundations, Regional Networks like EAAG, International NGOs, ‘Donor’ NGOs are plenty & dominant & visible actors Local NGO Council disorganized & has low credibility.

3 VIWANGO: Key Context Drivers Strategic DriversStrategic Goals Civil Society’s role and impact undermined by poor credibility and inability to prove impact. Greater Credibility Recognize that Civil Society is critical for a vibrant society along side the Government and the Private Sector. Demand to show results in the development sector increasing. Currently no universal standards for CSOs in Kenya. Broad Adoption of Standards VIWANGO working to create minimum standards owned by CSOs and accepted by other sectors of society. Civil Society nature diverse in interest, motivation and capacity. However, inability to collaborate on key issues undermines its role and influence. Improved Civil Society Collaboration VIWANGO standards and certification encourages improved collaboration in the sector. VIWANGO is a new collaborative venture trying to pull from all CSO groups. Founding organizations are mostly Nairobi based which might be perceived as un representative of wider civil society. VIWANGO Credibility Working towards making VIWANGO’s a credible organization, with wide recognition and engagement across civil society Nationally.

4 VIWANGO Strategy Map Greater credibility with other sectors Broad adoption of standards Improved Civil Society collaboration VIWANGO Credibility Beneficiaries Internal Processes Learning and Growth Resources Vision: A credible Civil Society contributing to the transformation of society. Mission: To improve the performance of CSOs and encourage through the promotion and application of minimum standards and voluntary, independent certification. Increased credibility for certified CSOs Support high performing team Diversity and growth of funding streams Deliver robust certification Increased capacity for certified CSOs Improved performance for certified CSOs Increased funding for certified CSOs Promote use of standards Strong Branding Promote continual improvement Deliver effective systems Implement M.E.R.L system Improve products and services Diversity and growth of income generation streams Strategic Goals.

5 Challenges: Developing Standards acceptable across the board & ensuring engagement across the country will continue to be tough & an on-going agenda. Negotiation & Agreeing on anything is a real challenge Power Dynamics between local and international CSOs and yet not always recognized Dissemination is costly & will continue to require huge resources

6 Achievements: A CSO code of practice in place CSO Standards CSO Organizational Assessment Matrix VIWANGO – has been born!!

7 VIWANGO Board Chief Executive Communications Public relations Marketing Online / digital media Services VIWANGOKenya Standards Certification Capacity building Support Administration / HR Finance IT Resources M.E.R.L Focus: Branding & Profile Focus: Standards & Certification Focus: Administration & Reporting Competencies Outreach External relations Impact promotion Brand management Networking Customer service Sector knowledge Learning and innovation Service development Systems management Customer development Contract management Monitoring and reporting Core Business

8 Thank you

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