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Cambridge Training College Britain (ctcbritain) has excellent track record with many leading organisations. Our experience is broad and goes beyond training.

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1 Cambridge Training College Britain (ctcbritain) has excellent track record with many leading organisations. Our experience is broad and goes beyond training into all aspects of skills deployment and acquisition, enabling us to provide a comprehensive range of services to organisations and organisation’s skills needs. Our slogan is ( Supporting Education and Training )

2 Bespoke And Customised Spoken English Programs Our objectives is to improve and develop your employee's skills to fulfil and meet your customer's needs and expectations. English Language Improvement Program (Bespoke Teaching Program) We propose to introduce one of the very unique (ELT) English Language Teaching programs which aims to fit like a hand in a glove and will be carefully tailored to your employee’s work situation and language in use. We aim to provide you with a teaching program of a set number of hours.The teaching program will be executed by highly professional teachers from Britain and the Middle East to deliver effective state of the art programs.

3 Bespoke And Customised Spoken English Programs continued… Training can be tailored to mix topics, including various technical subjects and perhaps soft skills or company procedures, as well as cultural diversity and different English dialects and accents which your employees will be exposed to. “One size does not always fit all”. Bespoke, tailored and customized courses may be the only way in which to learn those skills which you require for your employees.

4 Teaching on your site: Mobile Kit for teaching on your site is designed by ctcbritain to economise on your staff time and ctcbritain can arrange for that. In this way, bespoke training can actually take less time and be more effective. Although course development time is required, bespoke training is often a viable alternative to scheduled courses.

5 Methodology and techniques ctcbritain’s power is using the state of the art technology and techniques in developing listening and speaking. Our teachers and teacher trainers and supervisors endeavour to get engaged with our learners during the time those learners are working and practicing, listening and speaking. This can be done by listening to recorded conversations carried out by your employees or listening to your employees during their work to assess the weak areas which need to be improved in your employees' spoken English.

6 Lesson Planning Our teachers plan their lessons and prepare and design their dialogues by relying on the needs analysis assessment made by our teachers. Those lessons are planned and designed to enhance and improve the learner’s skills.

7 ctcbritain Director of Training Nabil Hegab Date of birth: 8 th Jan 1949 Martial Status: Married Profile: Reliable dedicated and enthusiastic English Language Teaching (ELT ) teacher trainer and examiner with a wealth of experience in all facets of latest techniques and methodology (especially assessment techniques). A keen exponent of the use of all modern teaching materials structured for learners needs. Specialist on British dialects and accents as well as open and distance learning with a wealth of information in e. learning. ELT trainer for over twenty years. QUALIFICATIONS: 1998 Cambridge College Britain. Honouree professor Title In British Passport. 1993 Manchester University Master Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. 1983 Cambridge UniversityRSA Certificate in EFL. 1977 UCL Certificate in phonetics. WORK EXPERIENCE: 1993 - 2008

8 ctcbritain Director of Training continued… Cambridge Training College Britain in London 93 till present ELT Teacher Trainer Westminster adult Education Centre. London. 1991 – 1992 English Language Teacher 1989 - 1990 Westminster Secondary government school London. class Tutor and EFL teacher 1989 - 1990 Westminster Adult Education Centre. London. English Language Teacher 1989 - 1990 Westminster FE government College London. English Language Teacher 1984 - 1987 Ministry of Education Bahrain. English Language Teacher 1985 - 1986 College of Science Bahrain. English Language Teacher 1982 - 1984 Alexandria University Faculty of Agriculture Egypt. English Teacher For Specific (ESP) English For Academic Purpose, 1982 - 1984 British Council Alexandria Egypt EFL teacher for all levels 1976 - 1982 Middlesex Local Educational government Authority in London. Educational Officer and English Teacher

9 Teaching program tools Each learner will receive a package which will include a DVD and a Cassette as well as Oxford dictionary and personal gift which will help learners to be exposed to and surrounded by English language at all times. Filming the teaching program using broadcast equipment : The teaching program can be transmitted on TV channels.

10 Cambridge Training College Britain Profile Cambridge Training College Britain which is based in London specialises in English Language Teaching ELT and has provided teaching as well as teacher training to individuals and organisations for over twenty years in many countries. Cambridge Training College Britain based in London is an independent private British organisation. Cambridge Training College Britain promotes British training, examinations and qualifications conducted by British Examination boards in many training fields, Cambridge Training College always select the best and the most promising training centres in many countries to run the College courses and programs that lead to Certificates and diplomas awarded by the College. Our philosophy and strategy is based upon offering courses in a variety of subjects in the UK and internationally. Training Centres who successfully follow our quality control procedures can be approved by Cambridge Training College to run their own courses. Examinations are held in those centres and successful student are awarded Cambridge Training College Britain certificates and diplomas which are sent to the centres from the College in Britain. Certificates and diplomas awarded by the College are highly respected by employers internationally and increasingly on demand. This respect and high demand is the hard work of over 30 years of experiences in the field of training and examinations in the UK. The real secret behind this College success is the fact the College only selects and only choose the best training centres and training providers as well as the best trainers.

11 Thank you for watching !

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