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Adobe Photoshop CS Design Professional SURGERY PERFORMING IMAGE.

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1 Adobe Photoshop CS Design Professional SURGERY PERFORMING IMAGE

2 Chapter N2Performing Image Surgery Delete unnecessary imagery Correct colors in an image Tweak an image Chapter Lessons

3 Chapter N3Performing Image Surgery Problem solving skills are required to evaluate and modify images –Identify color problems to correct –Determine which objects to keep and which to delete –Modify objects to attain a specific look Understanding Realities

4 Chapter N4Performing Image Surgery Identify the tools available to modify images Evaluate an image to determine the changes required Identify the best method to use to make the changes Assessing a Situation

5 Chapter N5Performing Image Surgery Delete Unnecessary Imagery Performing Surgery I Use selection tools to create separate layers Duplicate selected layers Change the background color Use eraser tools to eliminate unwanted images

6 Chapter N6Performing Image Surgery Performing Surgery II Use eraser tools to remove dirt and smudges Add contrast or modify brightness Use the Liquify feature to modify selected areas Apply filters

7 Chapter N7Performing Image Surgery Surgery Results AfterBefore

8 Chapter N8Performing Image Surgery Layers Palette Candles layer is copied before modifications are made

9 Chapter N9Performing Image Surgery Image Removal Methods

10 Chapter N10Performing Image Surgery Removing Imagery Click the Magnetic Lasso Tool on the toolbox Drag the pointer around the image Click to close the selection when the “o” appears on the pointer Click Edit on the menu bar, then click Clear

11 Chapter N11Performing Image Surgery Removed Imagery AfterBefore

12 Chapter N12Performing Image Surgery Correct Colors in an Image Revitalizing an Image To make color-correcting adjustments: –Click Image on the menu bar –Point to Adjustments –Click the type of color adjustment required

13 Chapter N13Performing Image Surgery Questions to Ask Before correcting colors in an image, ask the following questions: –What’s lacking from the image? –Is the problem composition or color- related? –Are colors washed out or vibrant? –Is color deficiency really a problem?

14 Chapter N14Performing Image Surgery Correcting Colors Modify settings in the Color Balance dialog box Modify settings in the Brightness/Contrast dialog box

15 Chapter N15Performing Image Surgery Color Balance Dialog Box

16 Chapter N16Performing Image Surgery Brightness/Contrast Dialog Box

17 Chapter N17Performing Image Surgery Tweak an Image Cropping Images Use the Crop Tool in the toolbox Use cropped area settings to view how the image will appear after cropping

18 Chapter N18Performing Image Surgery Cropping an Image Process Click the Crop Tool on the toolbox Drag the pointer around the area to retain Click the Commit current crop operation button

19 Chapter N19Performing Image Surgery Cropped Area in an Image Darker area will be deleted after cropping

20 Chapter N20Performing Image Surgery Adding Layer Styles Apply styles usually applied to type layers, such as Drop Shadow and Inner Shadow to image layers Select the layer to modify, then click the Add a layer style button on the Layers palette

21 Chapter N21Performing Image Surgery Style Added to a Layer Drop Shadow style added

22 Chapter N22Performing Image Surgery Chapter N Tasks Evaluate an image Delete unnecessary imagery Make color adjustments to correct color problems Crop an image Add layer styles to an image

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