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© 2008 RightNow Technologies, Inc. RightNow Feedback Overview & Demo Andrew Hull Director Product Marketing.

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1 © 2008 RightNow Technologies, Inc. RightNow Feedback Overview & Demo Andrew Hull Director Product Marketing

2 RightNow Feedback Capture Act Analyze Simplify Integrate First and only integrated, on demand multi-channel customer feedback management solution

3 Capture Achieve immediate action with immediate feedback capture –When it matters most to the customer Manage feedback strategically by consolidating all survey responses captured –across all channels –across all touch points –for all departments and functions –for all surveys responded to Integrate feedback into one common knowledge repository –Achieve deep, consistent, and accurate multi-dimensional analysis –Synthesize responses meaningfully –Combine with other corporate data Link feedback to customer profiles –Better manage specific customers and accounts Obtain customer insight across touch points and departments

4 Act Intelligently act on completed survey with sophisticated routing and workflow rules –Create an Opportunity, Notification, Incident, or Lead –Follow-up with recipient or contact –Execute external event –Modify a record or field –Add recipient to a list Route survey results to designated individual or department based on answers or other conditions –Scheduled systematically –Triggered by an event or condition –Always available immediately ad-hoc Send feedback as granularly or as synthesized as necessary –Send individual responses –Send reports –Send dashboards –Send alerts Response Routing and Action

5 Analyze Analyze survey responses in real time Intelligently synthesize feedback into graphical, understandable trends for immediate follow-through Immediately provide knowledge to the right people in the right context Combine feedback with complete customer profile and other corporate knowledge for highly strategic analyses Easily tailor reports and dashboards with custom analysis design centers Leverage pre-built survey reports and dashboards

6 Simplify Intuitive wizard-like interface Intuitive graphical drag- and-drop survey design Pre-built feedback templates –Expedite survey launch –Consistent look-and-feel Survey question library Easy to Use Interface

7 Integrate Fully integrated into the RightNow CRM suite Feedback becomes part of the customer record

8 Multi-channel Feedback Management Feedback for email Broadcast surveys: survey a broadly targeted audience via email invitation at a chosen time Transactional surveys –Automatically capture feedback over the web following an event, transaction, condition, or customer action. –Typically targeted to one individual after a particular transaction (e.g. closed incident) Feedback for web Website link surveys –Survey individuals visiting a web page –Web page can be linked to from any source (e.g. shopping cart) –Secure feedback in context to web page that survey is linked from Feedback for voice Conduct automated inbound or outbound surveys over the telephone with speech recognition Route customer to voice survey after caller accesses a service Proactively solicit feedback with outbound voice surveys and automated dialing Feedback for chat Gather valuable customer feedback on their online experience and chat effectiveness Send survey based on event, such as customer abandoning a chat session Perform anonymous survey at end of chat session

9 Feedback for RightNow Live (May ‘08) Description Tightly-integrated surveys within the RightNow Live chat application Key Capabilities Control offer frequency (daily, monthly, etc) Control offer delivery based on survey response Offer opt-in surveys after chat interaction for registered or anonymous consumers Offer time-delayed surveys when contact’s address is captured in chat session Pre-packaged feedback analytics –Surveys offered vs responded to –Contact history of survey responses –Survey results analysis and trending

10 Feedback for RightNow Live Why it matters for your organization: –Gain deep insight into online customer experience –Quickly act on real-time customer sentiment for ongoing service improvement –Better measure chat channel effectiveness

11 Topic Monitoring & SmartSense SmartSense measures how customers feel about your business by automatically applying an “emotional” rating to the text of a customer response Topic Monitoring automatically clusters customer text responses into specific topics of interest Enables organizations to capture customer sentiment and take immediate action

12 Live Feedback Demo

13 Resources RightNow Customer Community Manuals & Documentation Support (71 FAQs on Feedback!) RightNow Feedback forum board

14 Questions?

15 © 2008 RightNow Technologies, Inc. Appendix Andrew Hull Director Product Marketing

16 “Voice of the Customer” Topic Monitoring Sample Use Cases: –In conjunction with a Net Promoter survey, a customer asks their consumers how they can improve their service. From over 50,000 responses, the customer is able to pull out specific keywords such as “stuck, transfer, wait, hold” to conclude they need to unify how customer calls are handled instead of transferring between departments. –A customer asked their consumers what they can do better and notices that “nothing” keeps being recognized as a top keyword. After diving in deeper into a subset of these responses, the customer notices that 28% were totally satisfied and had “nothing” to add. –A new product is launched. A feedback survey is sent out automatically to each customer that registers the product on the web. The theme “defective” is automatically identified as having over 1000 responses so this information can be routed to product management for immediate follow-up.

17 “Voice of the Customer” Topic Monitoring



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