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1 Background Information
Genocides Background Information

2 Ukraine 1932-1933 Aka – Stalin’s Forced Famine Lives Lost: 7 million
Leader: Joseph Stalin Why? Stalin wanted to crush the growing numbers of people who supported a national revival movement. Kulaks (people who owned land) became “enemies of the people.” Forced collectivism. Give grain to government quota first.

3 Joseph Stalin Dec – March 1953 Good Biography

4 China 1937-1938 Aka – Rape of Nanking Lives Lost: 300,000
Leader: Japanese Imperial Army vs. Chinese People Why? Japan was at war with China. They invaded and were provoked by a fierce opposition. Thus when they took Nanking, they murdered all captives.

5 Nanking Japanese Army Occupies Nanking

6 Cambodia 1975-1979 Aka the Khmer Rouge (Cambodian Communist Party)
Lives Lost: 2 million Leader: Pol Pot Why? Pol Pot wanted to establish a Communist peasant farming society – an “agrarian utopia”. The Khmer Rouge was comprised of “teenage peasant guerillas.” Year Zero – A Cleansed Society

7 Khmer Rouge & Pol Pot Pol Pot Khmer Rouge rebels

8 Rwanda 1994 Africa Lives Lost: 800,000
Leader: Hutus (90%) vs. Tutsis (10%) Why? Ethnic tensions caused Hutus to revolt against the aristocratic Tutsis. U.N. forces were overwhelmed and left Rwanda leaving the Hutus to massacre innocent people.

9 Hutus & Tutsis Hutu Rebels Tutsi Refugees

10 Sierra Leone 1991-2002 Africa Lives Lost: 50,000
Leader: Foday Sankoh, leader of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) Why? Internal civil war. The RUF wanted control of the government funded by diamonds and gold. 18 different ethnicities did not contribute to the war.

11 Foday Sankoh & RUF

12 Child Soldiers “. . . Child soldiers are forced to give violent expressions to the hatreds of adults” (Olara Otunnu).

13 Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995 Bosnia – formerly part of Yugoslavia
Lives Lost: 200,000 Leader(s): Slobodan Milosevic (former Communist – now Serbian nationalist) and Radovan Karadzic (President Bosnian Serb Republic) Why? Ethnic tensions between: Serbs (32% Orthodox Christians) and Muslims. Serbs attacked Muslims in city of Sarajevo in Bosnia. Ethnic cleansing.

14 Slobodan Milosevic Jailed in The Hague – U.N. Detention Center.
On trial for war crimes Committed suicide (2006)

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