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Aeronautical Meteorology Service of China

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1 Aeronautical Meteorology Service of China
Xu Jianliang MET Division of ATMB,CAAC

2 Aeronautical Meteorological authority
CAAC is designated the aeronautical meteorological authority by the government of China. Air Traffic Management Bureau of CAAC is charged with the management of aviation weather service Operational Law and Rules Training Technical Plan Research Etc.

3 OBJECTIVE The objective of aeronautical meteorological service for air navigation shall be to contribute towards the safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation.

4 LAW & REGULATIONs Civil Aviation Law Meteorological Law
Annex 3 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation -- Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation, ICAO Regulation on Civil Aviation Meteorology of China, CAAC

5 Five standards Aeronautical Weather Forecasting
Aeronautical Weather Observation and report Aeronautical Meteorological Service Technical Requirement of Meteorological Facility Equipping Scheme of Meteorological Facility

6 MAIN SERVING OBJECTS Airlines ( carriers or operators)
Air Traffic Control Aerodrome operators Aeronautical information services Search and rescue services Etc.

Two Level Management ATMB Regional ATMB Three grades operation Aeronautical Meteorological Center Regional Aeronautical Meteorological Center /MWO Aerodrome Meteorological Office

8 Condition of Aeronautical MET Service
Meteorological Operational contents Meteorological equipments Meteorological Service contents Meteorological Service methods Current products

9 Contents of met. operation
Automatic collecting & processing of aeronautical met. Data Automatic and semi-automatic analyses & producing of aeronautical met. Data Prepare and issuing METAR/SPECI, TAFs, W&T Chart, SIGWX Chart, SIGMET and Warning Briefing and Consulting Network-based transmission of aeronautical met. Data Network-based aeronautical met. service

10 Meteorological equipments
AWOS and automatic Meteorological stations Weather Radar Met. satellite data reception & processing system WAFS VSAT Civil aviation met. Database system Civil aviation met. Satellite facsimile & broadcasting system VOLMET Aerodrome met. Information and met. Service System Etc.

11 Met. Service contents (for airlines)
Pre-flight planning by operators In-flight re-planning by operators using centralized Operational control of flight operations Flight documents -Use by flight crew members before departure Aircraft in flight

12 Met. Service contents (for ATS)
MET service is offered to Control Tower, Approach Control Officer and Area Control Center in the light of requirements

13 Meteorological Service methods
Face to face Intranet Dispatch Agency VOLMET ATIS Air-ground data link Other consulted methods

14 Current products Aeronautical met. Information METAR & SPECI/TAF
TREND Landing Forecast & taking-off forecast SIGMET Aerodrome warning/Wind shear alert Significant weather chart Upper wind/temperature chart AIREP (Air report) Etc.

15 Continue Basic met. Data Satellite images Radar data
Numerical weather prediction data AWOS data Weather Charts

16 Continue Aeronautical specific guidance Index of icing, Turbulence,
Convective weather, Height of tropopause, Max-wind level, 0℃ Level etc.

17 NWP products Wind forecast Temperature forecast Height forecast
Vortex forecast Divergence forecast Vertical velocity forecast Humidity forecast Rainfall forecast Mean sea level pressure forecast Depression of dew point Etc.

18 Aeronautical met. Information
METAR & SPECI TAF TREND Landing & taking-off forecast ROFOR SIGMET AIRMET GAMET . Aerodrome warning Wind shear alert Significant weather chart Upper wind/temperature chart AIREP (Air report) Etc.

19 Aeronautical specific guidance
Icing index turbulence index convective developing index height of tropopause height of 0℃ level height of max-wind level etc.

20 TENDENCY Detecting and monitoring (severe weather)
Transition and exchange of aeronautical MET information Forecasting skills

21 Detecting and monitoring

22 Terminal and surface detection
Terminal Weather radar Lightning detection network Wind profiler LIDAR Wind shear alert System Etc. These advanced detectors will be used to detect and monitor significant weather in aerodrome and nearby area.

23 Upper air detection Commercial aircrafts observation platform
Wind & Temp profile Radar MET satellite data

24 Transition and exchange of aeronautical MET information
GTS (WMO) AFTN/AMHS Short wave & VHF Network & internet Satellite communication/Data link

25 Forecasting skills

26 Development of forecasting skills
Nowcasting High resolution NWP model Statistical forecast & Probability forecast Warning System of Terminal Significant Weather

27 Development of forecasting skills
Numerical weather prediction models Improvement of the forecasting methods Constructing or improving the platform of weather forecast system

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