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1 Power Up Sales with Social Media Knowledge Lab 1:30-2:30 pm.

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1 1 Power Up Sales with Social Media Knowledge Lab 1:30-2:30 pm

2 2 Today’s Presenter Rebecca Chanin, Director of Marketing JK Moving Services, Sterling, Virginia, U.S. @RebaChan @JKMoving

3 3 A Little About Me  25 year career in marketing  Strengths Digital: search, online display, social media Traditional: offline media/creative (TV, radio, print) Branding: messaging, visual identity  When I’m not working Cooking, travel, reading, spending time with family, eating cheese Too much time on social media

4 4 A Little About JK Moving Services  Established 1981  Third largest independent moving company in North America  Residential, commercial, corporate, government customers  Global and domestic moving, storage, corporate relocation, logistics  Headquartered in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area  Fleet of 350+ pieces of equipment; 15,000+ moves annually  650 trained, vetted moving professionals

5 5 Today’s Topic – Social Selling

6 6 But First, A Few Statistics  77% of business-to-business buyers don’t talk to a salesperson until they’ve done independent research (Corporate Executive Board)  IBM survey of 1,000 global buyers: 1/3 are using social media to engage with suppliers  72% of salespeople using social selling outperformed their peers and exceeded quota 23% more often (Aberdeen Group)  2.5% = average cold calling appointment rate (Keller Research Center, Baylor University)  84% of prospects will respond to cold-calls or emails when you leverage connections (Kenan-Flagler school of Business, University of Carolina)  LinkedIn stats: Total user base: 300,000,000 worldwide Continued explosive growth: approximately one million new members every 12 days 48% spend more than two hours a week on LinkedIn 40% of users check LinkedIn daily 65% of users are outside the U.S.

7 7 Social Selling – What Is It & Why do It?  Using social media to interact with prospects and customers  Find, connect with, gain insights, nurture prospects and customers  Grow your business  Provide value via thoughtful/relevant content  Build your personal brand  Platform: most typically, LinkedIn. Depending on your business, product, audience, and message, perhaps Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Today, we will focus on LinkedIn.

8 8  Professional head shot  “Headline” with more than just your title and company name  Relevant contact information and web links: company website, blog  Executive summary about yourself  Customize the link to your profile page  Current and past positions with short, descriptive text  Note at least five skills  Education, awards, volunteer work, videos, presentations, etc.  Three recommendations from your network (not all coworkers) Get Started - Build your LinkedIn profile

9 9  Is bigger, better?  How many connections should you have  Who to ask to be a connection  How should you ask Connections – Building Your Network

10 10  Define your target audience or key influencers  Engage with the audience: Post content of interest: blog posts, articles, videos Ask your network questions relevant to their work Discuss what you learned at a conference or networking event  Goal: at least one post every business day  Best times to post: early or late in the work day Social Selling – How To Do It

11 11  Five types of LinkedIn Groups 1.Industry Groups – Education, connect with peers, competitive intel 2.Vertical Groups – Industries you’re targeting for sales 3.Local Groups – Connect with communities where you want to build business 4.Professional Groups – Hone your skills 5.Parallel Groups – Share the same target audience that you are pursuing but in a different industry LinkedIn Groups

12 12  Contribute – Content is King Join discussions when you can add value Post your own questions to the Group Add value and educate Share links to helpful blog posts, articles, white papers, video Be helpful, NOT sales-y Be a trusted advisor I Joined Some Groups – Now What?

13 13 Prospecting  Search for new prospects  Save your searches – LinkedIn notifies you of new members that fit your criteria  Use your network for intel and/or to make introductions

14 14 Preparing  Go into meetings smarter  Educate yourself about your prospect, their company, news in their industry  If the prospect (or company) uses Twitter, it may be noted on their profile Twitter feeds can be a wealth of info  Go back to your Groups and brush up

15 15 Recap  Invest time to create a robust LinkedIn profile page  Connect with courtesy  Define your audience, seek them out, and cater to them  Post thoughtful content often  Join relevant Groups and contribute to the conversations  Use LinkedIn Search and save your searches for prospecting  Conduct LinkedIn research to prepare for meetings

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