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Text How To Fill The Room A Live Case Study. How Did You Get Here? LinkedIn? Facebook? Google? Twitter? Word Of Mouth? Newspaper?

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1 Text How To Fill The Room A Live Case Study

2 How Did You Get Here? LinkedIn? Facebook? Google? Twitter? Word Of Mouth? Newspaper?

3 Things have changed And are changing constantly

4 Online marketing allows you to leave trail of publicity that keeps on working even after the event is over.

5 Dominate Google

6 And Google Images

7 Six Weeks Before Create event in Event Spot, make a long page, with images, make sure you say who the event is for and what they will get out of it, what they will learn. Offer an early bird incentive Introduce the trainers Put it on a website Put it on networks Strong article/blog post and link to the event Invite people from groups Create Twitter Hashtag



10 Event Spot Contains a template to make sure you include all the event information Huge choice of designs, integrated with social media, PayPal calendars, Google Maps and email. Hooked up to a registration system that lets you to see when someone has registered and paid for the event Create a free standing webpage or integrate it with your site Assign one or more of your contact lists to the event




14 A Word About Lists You might have more people on your lists than you realise... Think of the different offline groups of people you have You might have lists on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ It’s not about how big it is, it’s about what you do with it!


16 First Blog Post

17 Where to Promote? Website Blog Social Media Phone Calls ‘In-Store’ events Networking Speaking Current Customers Family & Friends Employees Local Directories Local Media

18 Tamsin & Constant Contact gave me lots of information to help me on my way

19 Five Weeks Before Create first email linking to the event Create press release Link to 3rd Party Sites Get listings on local sites Contact organisations that might be interested Create an article Put press release online Start an email list of people you know

20 Third Party Sites Meetup Eventbrite Lanyrd Exhibitions Ezine Articles Hubspot

21 Online Press Release Sites 24-7 Press Releases Free Press Release Free Press Release Center i-Newswire Newswire PR Today PRLOG The Open Press There are many more press release distributors online Some are free and some you can pay for Write another blog post or article

22 Blog posts are a great way to talk about the issues that people have in your industry.

23 Google Soon fills up

24 Four Weeks Before Send an email telling people that the early bird offer is about to end, or that the list is filling up Write a strong Q&A article and put a few variations on article sites Call FSB, Chamber, Networking Sites, LLBN, Pink Link & CVS Email- if you’ve not booked yet

25 Thanks, Collaboration is Good! Pink Link Ladies Lakeland Ladies Business Network Connect Cumbria Keith McMean


27 Three Weeks Before Create Facebook Event Create Google+ Event Create informational article Post variations of the article on Web 2.0 sites Engage with my networks Keep building email list

28 Web 2.0

29 About Facebook Events They are over-used and abused They can be very useful, especially if you have an event following already People get tired of being added in to groups and sent event notifications Don’t rely on them if they are not immediately successful People say they are coming and then don’t turn up

30 About LinkedIn LinkedIn groups are an excellent way to get your message out there

31 About G+ Events Anything that goes on G+ automatically goes on Google

32 A Word About Call to Action Bold

33 About Engaging Word of Mouth is still the best Engaging with people takes time, but it is time well spent Private messages are a great way to invite the right people Finding out who people are after they have booked on to the course is also useful

34 Two Weeks Before Informational email with details of the location, event and linking to a useful article Send Press Release

35 Newspapers

36 The Week Before Reminder email, only so many days left, only so many places left Final article

37 Final Informational Article

38 Re-Tweeted by Mari Smith

39 And tons of her followers

40 And that’s the power of social media

41 The Day Before Will I see you tomorrow?

42 The last minute

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