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Social Media Marketing Susan Hallam

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1 Social Media Marketing Susan Hallam

2 Social Media Marketing ● Managing your Online Reputation ● Creating a Business social media presence ● Social Media Framework

3 It was lovely to meet you today...


5 Google Knows About Your Company

6 And Google likes to see your reputation


8 A Flock... A Pack... A Herd.... A Murder... Review Sites

9 Monitoring Your Digital Footprint

10 Monitoring TwitterSearch

11 Monitoring: Google Alerts

12 Monitoring: Social Mention


14 Claim Your Identity

15 Create a Complete Online Identity

16 LinkedIn: Get Recommendations

17 LinkedIn: Share Your Knowledge

18 Facebook for Your Business




22 Be Careful What You Say "Does anyone know where I can find a very discrete hitman? Yes, it's been that kind of day..." "had a good day today, DIDN'T want to kill even one student :-). Now Friday was a different story." Professor Gloria Gadsden University of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

23 Security Issues

24 Your Next Steps? 1.Google yourself! 2.Monitor your digital footprint 3.Create online identities (LinkedIn, Facebook) 4.Generate positive content

25 It was lovely to meet you today...


27 The Obligatory Graph


29 Business Social Media Profile ● Website ● Blog ● Online PR ● LinkedIn ● Twitter

30 Reviews ● Trust ● Keep an eye out! ● Right of reply

31 Facebook ● Profiles ● Groups ● Pages

32 YouTube Overview ● YouTube Account: Consistency of your brand name ● YouTube Channel ● Google Universal Search ● Embedded Video ● Optimising your video for search ● Title ● Description ● URL

33 RSS – Really Simple Syndication

34 Framework Step 1: Planning

35 Framework Step 2: Listening ● What words (terms) help you to identify relevant conversations? ● Who are your opinion leaders? ● Where are the “touch points”? ● How will you monitor conversations?

36 Framework Step 3: Conversing ● Who are you speaking to? Journalists? Patrons? Artists? ● Which social media platforms do they use? ● Who is the “real” person who will be the voice of your SM? ● Create a content / editorial schedule ● What good stuff (“link bait”) will you have your site?

37 Framework Step 4: Responding ● How will you handle responding? ● Public vs private responding ● Do you have a Social Media policy?

38 Framework Step 5: Measuring ● Money is not a dirty word: Sales ● Reverb: Fans, Followers, Friends ● Engagement: Videos viewed, programmes downloaded ● Quality vs Quantity ● Return on Investment

39 Google Analytics

40 Social Media Filter

41 Goals and their Sources

42 Framework Step 1: Planning ● Who will be responsible? ● Who needs to be kept informed? ● How is social media being used in your sector? ● What are you competitors doing with SMM? ● What are your SMART objectives? ● How will you report against these objectives?

43 Today’s Agenda ● Social Media Overview ● Examples of the Tools ● Planning for Success

44 LawNet Members Discount

45 Social Media Marketing Susan Hallam

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