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Summary of Revisions DoD Manual 4140.01 DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures 0.

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1 Summary of Revisions DoD Manual 4140.01 DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures 0

2 DoDM 4140.01 “DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures” Volume 1: Operational Requirements  Lays out the framework for the manual and introduces the supply chain strategies.  Incorporates the overarching approach for prevention, detection, reporting, and disposal of counterfeit materiel. Volume 2: Demand and Supply Planning  Incorporates the use of DoD asset visibility capabilities to make maximum use of existing inventories throughout DoD for purposes of procurement offset and order fulfillment. (CIMIP Action B-3.1)  Introduces use of demand intermittency and variation to identify items as forecastable or non-forecastable and establishes conditions under which DoD Components will use quantitative models to forecast future demand. (CIMIP Action A-4.1)  Correlates the inventory performance goals to meet readiness goals of a weapon system throughout its life cycle, balance with stock positioning goals to minimize total costs, and synchronize with inventory planning and distribution. Summary of Revisions 1

3 DoDM 4140.01 “DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures” Volume 3: Materiel Sourcing  Clarifies the requirements to maximize the use of DoD owned inventory on all PBL or other DVD arrangements before procuring from commercial sources. (CIMIP Action F-4.2)  Clarifies the processes for minimizing excess on-order assets where cost effective. (CIMIP Actions C-1.1 and C-2.1)  Emphasizes BCA methodology include any storage cost savings derived from a move to a commercial distributions systems for items with high storage requirements. (CIMIP Action F-3.2)  Adds procedures for preventing counterfeit materiel from entering the DoD supply chain.  Adds principles of sustainability to sourcing and procurement of products and services. Volume 4: Make and Maintain Materiel  Clarifies procedures for the procurement hand off of depot-level reparable items which are maintained by government and commercial maintenance facilities.  Adds procedures for the procurement of biobased, environmentally preferable, energy-efficient, water-efficient, and recycled-content products. Summary of Revisions 2

4 DoDM 4140.01 “DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures” Volume 5: Delivery of Materiel  Adds distribution considerations to stock positioning decisions to balance inventory, transportation, and materiel handling costs with stockage at wholesale distribution depots or stockage at retail storage activities.  Adds customer distribution planning to bring together the supply chain elements of stock positioning, materiel preparation for shipment, packing, consolidation, in-transit accountability, and traffic management to accomplish delivery of materiel to the customer in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  Establishes requirements for scheduled customer distribution services and delivery truck routes to installations necessary to optimize the supply chain and meet the time definite delivery standards for customer wait time.  Specifies the requirement for government personnel to perform acceptance of materiel that is shipped directly from commercial sources where “destination acceptance” is specified in the contract.  Tightens procedures for physical inventory control with location surveys, quality control, research, accuracy and performance goals, workload and performance management reporting, and reconciliation of records.  Incorporates the use of AIT for asset tracking and ITV. Summary of Revisions 3

5 DoDM 4140.01 “DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures” Volume 6: Materiel Returns, Retention, and Disposition  Adds emphasis on accomplishing materiel disposition in contingency operations in accordance with the warfighter’s mission and in the best interest of the U.S. Government using principles of sustainability.  Adds procedures to the annual review of economic and contingency retention stock. (CIMIP Actions E-3.1, E-3.2, and G-1.3)  Adds procedures for the proper categorization of contingency retention stock. (CIMIP Action E-1.2)  Update the guidance for the timeliness and effectiveness of potential reutilization stock reviews. (CIMIP Action H-1.2)  Adds procedures to allow for the pre-screening of returns for disposal. (CIMIP H-2.2)  Establishes procedures to detect, report, and dispose of counterfeit materiel found in the DoD supply chain. Volume 7: Supporting Technologies  Provides current specifications for incorporating technologies into DoD materiel management to handle information, automatically identify items in storage and movement, and analyze process improvements. Summary of Revisions 4

6 DoDM 4140.01 “DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures” Volume 8: Materiel Data Management and Exchange  Clarifies the responsibilities for DLA, under the direction of the ASD(L&MR), to administer and manage:  The operation of the Federal Logistics Information System.  The standard logistics data exchanges in the Defense Logistics Management System. Volume 9: Materiel Programs  Updates the charter and establishes DASD(SCI) as the chair for the Defense Packaging Policy Group. Volume 10: Metrics and Inventory Stratification Reporting  Updates procedures for supply chain performance reporting on the performance and cost of supply chain operations and inventory.  Adds procedures to use stratification results to improve decision making on holding inventory, to identify potential for on-order and on-hand excess, and to identify potential reutilization. Summary of Revisions 5

7 DoDM 4140.01 “DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures” Volume 11: Management of Critical Safety Items, Controlled Inventory Items including Nuclear-Weapons Related Materiel  Adds increased rigor in managing and handling special types of materiel, intensive item management of Nuclear Weapons-Related Materiel (NWRM) with the highest levels of materiel accountability and asset visibility for the stewardship of critical safety items (CSI) and controlled inventory items (CII).  Replaces procedures for unique item tracking programs with the use of IUID for qualified items.  Increases requirements for REPSHIPS to 100% for all shipments that are CII, to include NWRM, where transportation protective services are required.  Increases requirements for physical inventory count and accuracy to 100% physical count as reflected by the number of items listed on the crates or containers when items are CII, including NWRM, and are banded and crated or are in a sealed container. Summary of Revisions 6

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