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Chapter 26: Safety and Injury Prevention

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1 Chapter 26: Safety and Injury Prevention

2 Key Terms: Personal safety Self-Defense Cyber bullying
Unintentional Injuries Accident Chain Fire extinguisher Smoke Alarm Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

3 Terms, cont. Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Vehicular Safety
Graduated Licensing Road rage Defensive driving

4 Personal Safety and Protection
Steps you take to prevent yourself from becoming the victim of crime Make sure phone is easy to get to Avoid walking alone Park in well-lit area Let someone know where you will be Learn self-defense

5 Staying safe Online Precautions Online: Keep your Identity Private
Keep online relationships online Don’t respond to inappropriate messages Let your parents know what you’re doing online

6 Cyberbullying 40% of teens have experienced cruel or hurtful online contact (cyberbullying) Be careful how you communicate online Don’t respond to hurtful messages Contact police when violent threats have been made Avoid internet predators

7 Safety at Home and in Your Community
Keep Your home Safe Common types (fires, falls, poisonings) Prevent Fires Don’t leave candles burning Don’t leave cooking food unattended Have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in house Prevent Falls Keep stairways free of clutter Keep floors clean

8 Safety at Home and in Your Community, cont.
Prevent Poisonings Store products safely Pay attention to labels Guard against Intruders Keep doors/windows locked When coming home, and see something suspicious, call police

9 Keeping your Community Safe
Increased police presence Neighborhood Watch programs After-school programs Improved lighting in public places Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); agency responsible for promoting safe and healthful conditions in the workplace

10 Outdoor Safety Outdoor Recreation: Examples of activities:
Know your limits/skills Bring supplies Plan for the weather Wear appropriate clothing Tell people of your plans Examples of activities: Camping and hiking Winter sports (sledding, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding,etc.)

11 Safety on the Road Motor vehicle crashes = leading cause of death for yr olds Auto Safety Don’t text while driving! Be aware of other cars Watch for road conditions Never drive when tired or impaired Know your emotional state

12 Safety on the Road, cont. Avoid road rage Be a defensive driver
Watch for pedestrians Other areas of Safety: Pedestrian safety Bicyle safety Skating safety Small motor vehicle safety (mopeds, atvs, etc.)

13 Conclusion Personal Safety and Protection Staying safe online
Cyberbullying Safety at home and in the community Outdoor safety Safety on the road

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