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Prepositions of Time Rules for using in on at.

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1 Prepositions of Time Rules for using in on at

2 Using: AT We use “at” with a time on the clock. Examples:
He left at 2:00 today. 2. I get up every morning at 5:30. 3. I’ll see you at lunchtime. (lunchtime = around noon)

3 Using: AT We also use “at” in these expressions (memorize them!)
at night at the moment at the same time at the beginning / end of . . .

4 Using: ON We use “on” for: Days of the week
-on Thursday, on Saturday, etc. We also say: on weekends, on Friday morning, on Tuesday evening, etc. Specific dates -on March 12th, on May 1, 2010, etc.

5 Using: IN We use “in” for:
Longer periods of time, or more general times -in April, in the 19th century, in 1990, in the 1970s, in the winter, in the summer We also say: -in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening We use “in” + a future time: -in a few weeks; in six months; in 10 minutes

6 No preposition! No preposition is used when we use time expressions with this _____ or last _____ or next _____. Examples: I’ll see you next Friday. 2. I had an important meeting last week.

7 Practice! In, On, or At? in on at ** in at in at on on on in Examples:
1. We got married ____ June. 2. We got married ____ June 12, 2008. 3. I have a meeting _____ 3:00 today. 4. We are going to have lunch _____ next Thursday. 5. I work _____ the morning, not _____ night. 6. I will travel to visit my family _____ a few weeks. 7. I’m always tired _____ the end of the day. 8. Celia doesn’t work _____ Saturday. 9. We enjoy taking a walk _____ Sunday afternoons. 10. The summer semester ends _____ July 23rd. 11. They bought their house _____ 2000. in on at ** in at in at on on on in

8 Practice makes Perfect!
Using prepositions correctly takes a lot of practice. For more practice, go to our class website: -and look for activities on prepositions.

9 -and always ask your teacher if you need help!
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