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WELCOME to TWEPP-12 Oxford, 17 – 21 September 2012.

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1 WELCOME to TWEPP-12 Oxford, 17 – 21 September 2012

2 TWEPP-12 Content 206 participants [238 in 2011, 188 in 2010]
120 presentations (56 orals & 64 posters) [48 orals & 76 posters] 12 invited talks [13] 4 Working Group Meetings (MUG/SEU, optoelectronics, power, xTCA) [4] Topical session on “Use of FPGA’s in Presence of Radiation” Tutorial on “Signal Integrity in High Speed Designs” TWEPP-12 Opening

3 Some Statistics (Participants)
TWEPP-12 Opening

4 Some Statistics (Contributions)
TWEPP-12 Opening

5 Programme at a Glance TWEPP-12 Opening

6 Feedback from TWEPP-11 & Associated Changes
Fees to be kept reasonable Poster session to be long enough and poster should be grouped 325 € (+75 € for tutorial) in 2009 330 € (+100 € for tutorial) in 2010 Two sessions this year with 32 posters per session 350 € (+100 € for tutorial) in 2011 However must fit in the available facility 324 € this year, INCLUDING lunches and tutorial; no late bird rate Timing to be respected... Some invited talks “too much marketing” 20-mn for the talks Session conveners to be strict No company talk this year and a lot of teachers involved The evaluation form for this year will appear on Indico during the week Working groups too much as an extra sessions with presentations only Please take time to fill it Reduced number of presentations this year and “discussion organisation” TWEPP-12 Opening

7 Posters Two Poster Sessions Posters to be in place
Tuesday & Thursday afternoon For session 1: from today until Wednesday noon 32 posters per session For session 2: from Wednesday noon to Friday noon Grouped by topics TWEPP-12 Opening

8 Posters Location TWEPP-12 Opening

9 Proceedings Use of JINST as last two years A lot of benefits
Open access Reference JINST Proceedings Section Nice WEB site to present the articles and possibility to include into them color pictures, video, … Online-only, peer- reviewed Journal of Instrumentation, published by SISSA & IOPP However it comes with constraints... TWEPP-12 Opening

10 Proceedings (cont) Papers MUST be prepared with the JINST template
All papers will be reviewed The review process increases the quality of the articles Number of pages limited Latex and MS-WORD versions available You might be requested to do some corrections within a given time limit If not used, the article will just be rejected Copyright assigned to the Institute of Physics Publishing You might be asked to do some review work Please take time to proof read the text before submission and to involve all the signatories in this process Or agreement giving License to Publish Submission via the JINST site before November 1st TWEPP-12 Opening

11 Proceedings (cont) Detailed instructions to authors available
on the TWEPP-12 site under the “Contributions” tab on the Indico site under the “Proceedings” tab TWEPP-12 Opening

12 As Usual... Countdown clocks for speaker and chairman
15 min (35) + 5 min left + STOP! There are electrical power for laptops in auditorium but your are asked to refrain reading s during presentations TWEPP-12 Opening

13 Smart Phone Application
Conference4me Free application from the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center Access to Indico, venue information, ... Install from Apple Store or Google Play TWEPP-12 Opening

14 Acknowledgements & the industrial exhibitors Agilent CAEN
Hytec Electronics Wiener TWEPP-12 Opening

15 Last Year... TWEPP-12 Opening

16 Asterix is back! TWEPP-12 Opening

17 Acknowledgements & the industrial exhibitors Agilent CAEN
Hytec Electronics Wiener TWEPP-12 Opening

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