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STAAR Writing Study Guide 2014

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1 STAAR Writing Study Guide 2014

2 Revising and Editing Spelling Sentence Structure Punctuation Grammar

3 Commonly Confused words:
Their, there, they’re Their (possessive), there (location), they’re (they are) Then, than Then (Time), Than (Comparing) It’s, its It’s (It is), Its (Possessive) Too, two, to Too (Also, Excessively), Two (number), to (preposition/direction) In, on, at (prepositions) Except, accept Except (But, excluding), Accept (Take)

4 Sentence Structure: Compound ( , FANBOYS)
You must rest, for you will be taking the test in the morning. Complex (WABU: When, After, Because, Until, etc.) Until you submit your application, I cannot help you.

5 Phrases/Clauses: Phrases/Clauses:
Prepositional phrase (no subject or verb) under the table, over the table, beside the table, next to the table, on the table, around the table Appositive phrase (no subject or verb) Mrs. Gutierrez, the school nurse, gave me an ice pack for my forehead. Subordinating clause (Sub. conjunction & subject and verb) While you were out, someone called. Someone called while you were out.

6 Dictionary Use Misspelled words Capitalized words
Prefix/suffix meanings Hyphenated words Parts of Speech to determine if used correctly in the sentence

7 Transition words and phrases
Know the meaning Recognize pattern or relationship (example, agreement, sequence, order, time, adding, comparing, contrasting, cause and effect, concluding) HOTCASA: However, On the other hand, Therefore, Consequently, As a result

8 Commas – Study foldable!
Compound sentences Complex sentences In a series Between adjectives of equal rank (not the last adjective before the noun) After introductory words, phrases, and clauses To set off parenthetical expressions (names, therefore, of course, not yours) Nonessential expressions (appositive phrases, participial phrases etc.) Dates, Geographical names, numbers, addresses, letters

9 Quotation Marks Direct quotations, speaker tag
Titles of short written works (poems, short stories, songs, TV shows, articles)

10 Possessives Single vs. plural (make plural first than possessive)
Dog’s leash… Dogs’ leashes Irregular plurals (make plural first than possessive) Man – men’s suits Wolf – wolves' den

11 Relative Pronouns: Who/Which/That
Who (People) My friend, who won the award, is now going on a week-long vacation. That (People, Things/Concepts) He is the kind of person that will never let you down. Which (Things/Concepts) The science fair, which lasted all day, ended with an awards ceremony.

12 Subject-Verb Agreement
Single He was studying for the test last night. Plural They were studying for the test last night.

13 VERBS Irregular Past Tense Verbs no –ed (to sing: I sang)
Verify with a dictionary (usually spells it out for you) Regular Past Tense Verbs –ed (to walk: I walked)

14 Writing (Essays) Narrative Expository

Organizational Patterns: cluster, bubble map, list Indentation First person (I, me, my) BME (Beginning, Middle, End) Lesson Learned (Theme) Super Sentences, STC (This is a Super Sentence because it has a WABU clause; therefore, I will use them in my composition.) FANBOYS (compound sentences) WABU (complex sentences) When, Whenenver, While; After, Although, As long as; Because, Before; Unless, Until SAT (WOW) words NARRATIVE COMPOSITION

Text Structures: Cause/Effect, Problem/Solution, Description, Sequence, Compare/Contrast Indentation Introduction Strategies (Anecdote, Quotation, Dictionary, Description, MNM) Thesis Statement Super Sentences, Variety FANBOYS (compound sentences) WABU (complex sentences) When, Whenever, While; After, Although, As long as; Because, Before; Unless, Until SAT (WOW) words Details/Examples Definitions/Facts

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