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The many uses of an iPad Here are a couple tips to keep in mind: Keep it simple: A website is a place for the exchange of information. It does not need.

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2 The many uses of an iPad

3 Here are a couple tips to keep in mind: Keep it simple: A website is a place for the exchange of information. It does not need to be flashy or complex. Keeping it simple will make it more manageable. Be realistic: In the beginning, posting a quote of the day or daily homework sounds like a great idea, but this will be very hard to manage when you’re teaching. Set manageable goals.

4 What elements would you like to have on your website?  Name  Date  Contact Info  Assignments  Lesson Plans  Announcements  Images  Links

5 Channel Bar Page Links Breadcrumbs Page Contents

6 Technical Tips  Browser Preference: Firefox  Files: Consider using PDF format when posting files. This will make it less likely that the contents of your documents will be altered.  Minimize scrolling. Whenever possible, break long pages into separate pages.  Avoid using flashing/scrolling text that is distracting.  Spell Check.  Avoid using tables.

7 Technical Tips  Images: Do not copy and paste images, make sure to use “Insert Image” icon. Keep images narrower than 500 pixels wide. Use JPG and JPEG images. Resize “large to small” not “small to large” to avoid a pixilated image.  Copy and paste from Word: Use the “Paste from Word” option (otherwise it copies a lot of unnecessary HTML code).

8 Technical Tips  Text/Sizing: Traditional web fonts that are recommended are Sans- Serif--Tahoma, Arial, Verdana or Serif-Times New Roman, Georgia.  Use consistent size and color when adding different text elements.  Black is preferred text color. Avoid red, green or yellow.  Text size: 10 or 12 is preferred.  Avoid flashing or scrolling text as it can be distracting.

9 Let’s get started! Go to the school website: Go to your home page

10 Logging into your Schoolwires account. Click here

11 Enter your username & password.

12 Click on Site Manager.

13 This is your Schoolwires workspace. My Pages

14 Where do all of your files, folders, images, or movies go?

15 Help Section

16 To make a new page… Click the New Page button A box will pop up with a list of available page types. Let’s take a look at your options.

17 About Teacher: Easy Template to use that includes contact information Article Library: Good for news items/announcements Available Page Types Assignments: Can include due dates and other information

18 Available Page Types (cont.) Calendar: Can link your assignments. Can include homework, projects, field trips, conferences File Library: Include important class documents that need to be accessed by students frequently. Flex Editor: YOUR BFF The easiest editor for content!

19 Available Page Types (cont.) Link Library: Good for lists of websites. Photo Gallery: Share class projects, etc.

20 Name your page here Click Save Your new page will display at the bottom of your list. Click the link to start working in your new page. Getting to your new flex page…

21 Parts of the working area Tool Bar Area Typing area (use just like your using Word) Make sure this box is checked

22 Breaking down the Tool Bar Area Spell Check PrintFind & Replace CutCopyPastePaste from Word Paste Plain Text UndoRedoFull Screen F12 Text Style FontSizeFont Color Bkgd Color FormatBold Italic Underline Strikethrough Left Align Center Right Align Justified Number List/ Bullet List Increase Indent/ Decrease Indent Insert Image Insert Link File/ Insert Movie File Insert Horizontal Line BookmarkInsert Link Edit Link Remove Link Insert Link Form Insert Photo Gallery Insert Minibase Insert Table Table Options Row Properties Cell Properties Visible Border Special Characters Insert Editor Layout Open Toolbox Position by Pixel Remove Format

23 Other items available… If you want to hide a page temporarily, click the ACTIVE button. Now the page is hidden from your home page. Edit Page: Takes you right back to where you can edit your page. Get Link: Gives you the exact website link of the page. Delete: Remove the page completely from your website. Set Viewers: You can set who can access your website.

24 Organize Pages: Let’s you determine the order of all of your pages. You can either sort them yourself or have them sorted alphabetically. Recycle Bin: Pages that have been deleted are placed here until you permanently delete them. You have a built-in page counter too.

25 How to link documents in a flex editor page… Click Insert File Link Button

26 Upload File: Files that are on your computer. Click the Browse button to locate the file then click continue. Existing File: Files previously uploaded into your account.

27 Name your link Choose Open link in a new window Click Insert File Your link is now created.

28 How to link websites in a flex editor page… Click Insert Link Button

29 You can link from another area in your website, an email address, or another website. If you are going to link to another website, you may want to copy and paste the web address. It will be much easier.

30 Notice that the http:// is already there. Don’t paste that part of the web address in the box. Click Insert Link. Your link is now created.

31 Now it’s time to start creating. I have placed user guides and videos on my webpage to help you after the session.


33 You can also access the information through the SEA webpage.

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