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Cycle 2: Unit 15 Century 21 Keyboarding

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1 Cycle 2: Unit 15 Century 21 Keyboarding
Lesson 47 Bound report with textual citations Lesson 48 Bound report with footnotes Lesson 49 Title page Lesson 50 Endnotes Lesson 52 Table of contents Lesson 53 References 1

2 In this unit… You will learn to format longer, Bound Reports
Additional Formatting techniques introduced: Endnote Footnote Title Pages Table of Contents References

3 With Textual Citations
Bound Reports With Textual Citations

4 Another type of report format
In Unit 8 you learned to format short, unbound reports Using the textual citation method of documentation Now you will learn how to format longer, bound reports

5 Bound Reports Longer reports are generally bound at the left margin
The binding itself takes about one-half inch (0.5”) So the left margin is increased to 1.5” on all pages

6 Standard Margins Except for left margin,
all other margins are the same as unbound reports Margin Settings: LM (left margin): 1.5” RM (right margin): 1” TM (top margin): First Page: 2” Remaining Pages: 1” BM (bottom margin): 1”

7 Bottom Margins Will Vary
An exact 1” bottom margin is not always possible To avoid widow and orphan paragraphs Since some sections end without filling an entire page The bottom margin is adjustable

8 Bound Reports Standard margins Unit 15: Lesson 47

9 Page Numbering The first page of a report is usually not numbered
If numbering is used, however Place it on the bottom, Centered On 2nd and subsequent pages Position page number Top of page Right aligned

10 Internal Spacing DS between the report title and first line of the body Multiple-line Titles are DS DS left above and below side heading DS between paragraphs Paragraphs may be SS or DS Paragraphs usually indented 0.5” In some cases, they can be at the left margin Check with supervisor/teacher on this

11 Bound Reports Internal spacing Unit 15: Lesson 47

12 Long Quotes Four or more lines SS Indented 0.5” from the left margin
DS above and below quoted material First line indented additional 0.5” If quotation starts at beginning of a paragraph Otherwise, no indentation

13 Bound Reports Long quotes Single space Indent ½” from margin
Unit 15: Lesson 47

14 Enumerated items Numbered, outlined and bulleted items
Indent 0.5” from left margin Block the lines at this point All lines need to be left aligned at the same point

15 Headings and Subheadings
Main Heading Center main heading ALL CAPS Bold 14 point

16 Headings and Subheadings cont’d
Side headings Begin at left margin Capitalize first letter of first word And all other main words Bold

17 Headings and Subheadings cont’d
Paragraph headings Indent paragraph headings 0.5” from left margin Capitalize only the first letter of the first word And any proper nouns Bold Follow the heading with a bold period.

18 Bound Reports Headings and subheadings Unit 15: Lesson 47

19 Textual Citation Author Date Page number (Johnson, 2005, 165)
Johnson (2005, 165) said that… Unit 15: Lesson 47

20 Title Page Cover or Title Page Prepared for most bound reports
Formatting Title Center Bold 14 point ALL CAPS 2” from top

21 Title Page cont’d Writer’s Name Center Capital and lowercase letters
5” from top School name (or business name) Centered DS below writer’s name Date 9” from top Margins the same as the report body

22 Title Page Prepared for most bound reports Format: Title Writer’s name
Date 5” TM 9” TM Unit 15: Lesson 49

23 Table of Contents Lists the headings of a report
and the numbers where headings can be found Margins Side and top are the same as the first page of the report Title: “TABLE OF CONTENTS” Centered Bold 14 point 2” from top

24 Table of Contents cont’d
DS before listing side and paragraph headings If used Side headings DS Beginning at left margins Paragraph Headings Indented SS With DS above and below

25 Table of Contents cont’d
Page numbers For each entry Keyed at right margin Use right dot leader to tab to insert page numbers

26 Table of Contents Unit 15: Lesson 52

27 Documentation

28 Documentation Used to give credit for published material
Electronic as well as printed That is quoted or closely paraphrased (slightly changed) Types used in this text Textual citation Endnotes Footnotes References Page

29 Documentation cont’d Textual citation Used in Unit 8 Includes
the name(s) of the author(s) The date of the referenced publication Page number(s) of material cited as part of the actual text i.e. (Johnson, 2005, 165)

30 Documentation cont’d Textual citation cont’d
When author’s name is used in text introducing the quotation Only the year ob publication and page number(s) appear in parentheses Johnson (2005, 165) said that… For electronic references, include the author’s name and the year

31 Documentation cont’d Endnotes
Identified the reference cited by a superscript number … 1 Complete documentation for reference Placed at the end of the report In section labeled ENDNOTES References listed in the endnotes section Placed in the same order they appear in the report Corresponding superscript number Identified the reference in the text

32 Documentation cont’d Endnotes cont’d Endnotes page
has the same top and side margins as the first page of the report Except that is has a page number 1” from the At the right margin Each endnote is SS with DS between endnotes

33 Documentation cont’d Endnotes cont’d
First line of each endnote is indented 0.5” from left margin Keyed to a superscript endnote number that relates to the number in the text All other lines begin at the left margin i.e. 1Richard G. Harris, “Globalization, Trade, and Income.” Canadian Journal of EconomicsI, November p. 755.

34 Endnotes Margins Page number Internal spacing Superscript
1/2” TM Unit 15: Lesson 50

35 Documentation cont’d Footnotes
Also identified the reference cited by a superscript number But the complete documentation for the reference Is placed at the bottom of the same page And is identified with the same superscript number

36 Documentation cont’d Footnote cont’d Each footnote is Indented 0.5” SS
With DS between footnotes Footnotes should be Numbered consecutively Throughout the report

37 Bound Report with Footnotes
Identify reference cited by a superscript number Place reference documentation at bottom of same page Identify with same superscript number Number consecutively Unit 15: Lesson 48

38 References Page Each type of documentation requires a reference page
All references cited in the report are Listed alphabetically By author’s surname At end of a report Under the REFERENCES page Can also be called WORKS CITED BIBLIOGRAPHY

39 Documentation cont’d References Page cont’d
DS between heading and the first reference Use the same margins as for first page of report Include a page number SS each reference DS between references Begin the first line of each reference at left margin Indent other lines 0.5” (hanging indent)

40 Bound Report with References
Reference listing for each citation, endnote and footnote Listed alphabetically by author’s name 1/2” TM

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