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Intermediate Level Course. Text Format The text styles, bold, italics, underlining, superscript and subscript, can be easily added to selected text. Text.

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1 Intermediate Level Course

2 Text Format The text styles, bold, italics, underlining, superscript and subscript, can be easily added to selected text. Text structure can be defined, and GoLive writes the applicable code.

3 Font Sets Font sets are groups of similar font faces that enable the browser to display an alternative if the font specified is not resident on the user’s system.

4 Spacers Spacers can be used to indent text, as well as separate other elements on the page. The spacer can be: Horizontal Vertical Block

5 Absolute and Relative Sizes Absolute: specifies a number on a scale range of 1 to 7. Relative: the browser uses a number size that is less, or more than, the default size. This scale ranges from –7 to +7.

6 Indents, Lists, and Scrolling Text Paragraph format styles: Scrolling or Marquee text is a message that scrolls across the page like a “banner”. Indent or List Level Numbered List Unnumbered List Definition

7 Smart Objects Smart Objects enable the synchronization of imported image files in GoLive with the source files. Drag and drop files from Photoshop, Illustrator, and LiveMotion right into the GoLive page.

8 Tracing Images A Tracing Image is a “template” of the Web page design that has been prepared in Photoshop or Illustrator. The “template” is imported into GoLive, and used to position the actual elements and objects on the page.

9 Image Color The Web-safe color palette lists the corresponding numerical (hex) label that is recognized by Web browsers. Color appears differently on different monitors, as well as on different operating systems.

10 Image Maps Image maps enable an image, or an area of an image, to act as a link to an URL – another page in the site, or another Web site.

11 Rollovers With a rollover, the image changes when the mouse is moved over it, and it can change again when clicked.

12 Table Structure Tables form the actual structure of the of the Web page. GoLive writes the necessary code as the page is being created. Tables can be added to the page as visual elements. Visible tables consist of rows and columns.

13 Editing Tables Rows and Columns Width and Height Borders Color Cell Padding Cell Spacing Alignment Caption Background Image Row and Column Span Header Style No Text Wrap Table attributes are:

14 Table Styles A table style adds color to the table. GoLive offers a number of built-in styles. You can create your own custom style.

15 Import Table Data Tabular data can be imported from a spreadsheet, word processor, or database. The original file must first be saved as a text-only delimited file.

16 Table to Layout Grid Tables can be converted to the Layout Grid. The table is removed, and the cell data is converted into individual layout text boxes placed on the Layout Grid.

17 Create a Floating Box Floating boxes can: Be placed in layers. Contain HTML elements, images, text, script. Made visible and invisible. Used to create “animations” on a Web-page. Floating boxes are used in conjunction with the Layout Grid.

18 Image and Text Content Drag an image from the Site Images folder into the floating box. Position the cursor inside the box, and type the required text.

19 Visibility When multiple layers are stacked on top of each other, top layers can be turned “off” to facilitate working on the lower layers. Ensure the color of text in a layer will be visible when it is positioned on top of an image layer.

20 Import Layered Images Layered images can also be imported directly from Photoshop. The imported layered file is converted into a Web-safe format, and each layer appears in a separate floating box.

21 Form Objects Forms are used to obtain information from the user, which is sent to the Web site administrator via email.

22 Form Layout A form can include : A table inserted into a form helps to control the layout of the form’s elements. User’s name Email address Comments Catalog choices Credit card information Passwords

23 Form Elements Basic Form elements include: Label Text Field Text Area Check Box Radio Button Form Image Button Submit Button Reset Button Lists

24 Lists and Menus The List Box The Popup Menu

25 Tabbing A tabbing chain enables the user to “tab” from one text field to another.

26 Submit and Reset The Submit Button sends the form to the server. The Reset Button clears all entries made by the user.

27 Frames and Framesets Framesets are a collection of individual frames. Each frame in the frameset links to a separate HTML document.

28 Create a Frameset The window will display two separate frames, both unnamed, and both showing empty references Use the Point-and-Shoot button, or Browse for File button, to link frame to an HTML page in the Site files folder.

29 Link and Target Frames Linking to a frame is similar to linking to a file. The target frame of the frameset must be specified. The target frames are: _top _parent _self _blank Added to this list are any named frames in your frameset(s).

30 Edit Frames Editing options are available in the Frame Set Inspector. Orientation Border Size Border Color Border Frame

31 Source Code Editor The Source Code toolbar features the following: Check syntax Display errors Display warnings Turn syntax highlighting off Detailed syntax highlighting Highlight Media and Links Highlight URLs Highlight Server Side Code Word Wrap

32 Outline Editor The Outline Editor is a hierarchical view of the HTML elements of the page.

33 Edit Code Most icons in the Objects palette can be dragged and dropped into the Source Editor, and the associated references and/or text added.

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