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Updates from HR Learning & Org. Effectiveness Stanford Employee Survey Results from 2010 Staff Resource Fair in March 2011.

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1 Updates from HR Learning & Org. Effectiveness Stanford Employee Survey Results from 2010 Staff Resource Fair in March 2011

2 Topics 1.Stanford Employee Survey – Background, Participating Schools and Units – Review of Key Results  Strongest Dimension/Weakest Dimension  Strongest/Weakest Rated Items – Next Survey 2.Staff Resource Fair – Purpose & Goals – Details Slide 2

3 Stanford Employee Survey 1

4 Background: Employee Satisfaction Surveys at Stanford ● Effort to identify a survey tool for university-wide use completed in late 2009, in partnership with many school and unit representatives Two implementations of the online survey in 2010; spring and fall ● Benefits to having one survey include: Can now define Stanford “norms” to identify the typical employee experience – Each school/unit participating can measure results against SU norms Goal is to identify actions to improve the employee experience, both in work groups and on an institutional basis Slide 4

5 School and Unit Survey Participation in 2010 Business Affairs Human Resources Office of Development Office of Public Affairs Schools of: Earth Sciences, Education, Law, Humanities & Sciences, and Medicine Stanford Alumni Assn. Stanford Mgmt Company VP Undergraduate Education (VPUE) Slide 5 5,230 total staff members invited to take the survey Stanford (overall) response rate: 80% (approx. 3,950) School/unit response rates ranged from 69% to 97%

6 Results: Rating Scale for Rated Items ● Each of the 53 rated items had a scale of 1 to 5: 1 = lowest ranking 5 = highest ranking N/A = Not Applicable option ● One open-ended question: “Your opinion is important to us in the continual improvement of our organization. What one action can we take to make this a better place to work? Slide 6

7 11 Survey Dimensions  Change Management  Commitment  Communication  Feedback and Coaching  Job Compatibility  Organizational Direction  Professional Development  Recognition  Teamwork  Supervisory Consideration  Working Conditions All rated items group into 11 “dimensions” (categories) of employee satisfaction: Slide 7

8 Top 2 Dimensions: % Favorable (Scale of 0 to 100%) ● Tie for top 2 dimensions: Teamwork: 80% favorable Supervisory Consideration: 80% favorable

9 Looking within the Teamwork Dimension Rated Survey Items within Teamwork: ● I enjoy working with my co-workers. ● My co-workers and I work well together as a team. ● There is good cooperation between my team and others. ● Teamwork is encouraged in my work group. Slide 9

10 Rated Survey Items within Supervisory Consideration: ● My supervisor holds me accountable for my responsibilities. ● When I face challenging situations at work, my supervisor supports me. ● If I speak up, my supervisor will listen. ● I know what is expected of me at work. ● My supervisor distributes work appropriately. ● My supervisor treats me fairly. Looking within the Supervisory Consideration Dimension Slide 10

11 Weakest Dimensions: % Favorable (Scale of 0 to 100%) ● Weakest 2 Dimensions: Feedback and Coaching: 54% Change Management: 57%

12 Looking within the Feedback and Coaching Dimension Rated Survey Items within Feedback and Coaching: ● My supervisor or someone at work coaches me on how to improve the way I do my job. ● I regularly receive useful feedback about my work performance. ● My last performance evaluation helped me understand my strengths. ● My last performance evaluation helped me to improve. Slide 12

13 Looking within the Change Management Dimension Rated Survey Items within Change Management: ● I am well informed in advance of organizational changes when they occur. ● When organizational changes occur, I understand the rationale for those changes. ● Stanford is concerned about its employees.

14 Strongest Rated Individual Items: % Favorable Slide 14

15 Weakest Rated Individual Items (approx. 50% favorable) Slide 15

16 Using Results to Make Improvements ● Each participating School/Unit will use survey results to: Ensure managers hold work group discussions to discuss survey results and identify actions that can be taken, resulting in action plans that address how to: – Continue the things that are working well – Improve the areas where there are weaknesses Examples of actions range from: – Creating a simple internal newsletter to facilitate communication – Starting quarterly professional development discussions with all staff to identify their career aspirations – Holding more regular “all staff” meetings to keep everyone updated Slide 16

17 Next Survey Implementation The next university- wide employee survey is planned for the spring of 2012 ● The 12 schools and units who participated in 2010 may wish to repeat to identify changes in survey results after two years Other schools and units may wish to begin their survey participation at that time Slide 17

18 Staff Resource Fair 2

19 Fair’s Purpose ● To help staff, especially new staff, understand what’s available to them in our community, including: Services Facilities Programs, Plans Resources ● Knowledge of what’s available could be useful on a professional basis, as well as on a personal basis

20 Communication about the Fair ● Flyer being mailed only to new staff hired in the last year ● Ads & announcements in online Stanford Report ● Posters to be distributed by HR Managers for posting in buildings ● Email distribution list announcements Your help is appreciated to get the word out!

21 Staff Resource Fair Details ● Date: Thursday, March 17 ● Time: Between 11 am and 2 pm ● Place: Tresidder Student Union, Oak Lounge (2 nd floor) ● Use STARS to enroll in TOD-1225 by March 14, then confirm your attendance at the Fair to be entered into a drawing for prizes ● Over 40 groups will “exhibit” at the Fair; see a complete listing at:

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