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Covenant with Abraham Pages 83 – 86

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1 Covenant with Abraham Pages 83 – 86
A Covenant is a solemn promise between God and his people. This covenant was tested when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, but the Lord’s messenger stopped the sacrifice. Abraham is a model of faith.

2 Descendants of Abraham
Sarah (Wife) Abraham Hagar (mistress) Isaac (favored son/blessing) Rebecca wife Jacob Receives blessing by deception Later marries Rachel Esau first born Deceived by Jacob Ishmael/outcast Islamic faith has its origins in him

3 The Patriarch Israel (Jacob)
Jacob secured his father’s inheritance over his twin brother Esau. God repeated the covenant to Jacob in a dream on the road at Bethel; years later, Jacob wrestled a stranger who gave Jacob a new name, Israel— “one who contends with God.” Included in Jacob’s family were his twelve sons from whom came the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

4 Jacob has twelve sons with various wives…
11 other sons jealous of Joseph because he is favored by Jacob. They sell him into slavery and he is brought to Egypt. Joseph is Jacob’s only son with the wife he loved named Rachel.

5 Joseph the dream interpreter…
Made a slave in Egypt. Interprets dreams and the Pharaoh listens to him. Joseph warms of an impending famine. Brothers and Joseph are reunited. Pharaoh grants Joseph’s family land in Goshen and grain and food to survive famine.

6 Joseph, the Favored Son JOSEPH JESUS
Beloved son who had jealous brothers Ended up in Egypt because of his brothers’ treachery Judah convinced the others to sell Joseph for twenty pieces of silver Faithful to his master, falsely accused, and imprisoned Forgave his brothers and saved them from famine Beloved Son of God of whom Herod was jealous Holy Family ended up in Egypt to flee King Herod Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver Faithful to his Father, falsely accused, and underwent his Passion, Death, and Resurrection Forgave his executioners and saved all humanity

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