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Immigration to America in the Early 1900’s

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1 Immigration to America in the Early 1900’s
Looking for the American Dream

2 Objective By the end of the lesson, SWBAT analyze why immigrants came to America.

3 Lightning Round Review
1. How did the Spanish American War make the U.S. stronger? 2. How did the Panama Canal help business?

4 Vocabulary Immigrant - a person who moved from one country to a different country. Famine - Not enough food in an area which leads to starvation and death.

5 Immigrants Why would a person want to leave their home country and travel to the United States?

6 Reasons Famine Possibility of Work Escaping Religious Persecution
Escape of War Promise of a Better Life

7 Immigrants Between the years over 9,000,000 immigrants came to America from around the world!

8 Europe


10 Famine In the early 1900’s there were places in Europe where people were starving. Crops were diseased and people were hungry and dying of starvation and diseases such as cholera.

11 The Great Potato Famine
An example of a famine was in Ireland: The Great Potato Famine Over 1,000,000 people died of starvation. Many people had no choice but to leave Ireland and emigrate to different countries to look for food.

12 Famine

13 Work Many immigrants that came to America came because they heard about all of the booming business that was happening in America. Steel, textiles, banking!


15 Work There were recruiters in Europe who would encourage people to come to America with the promise of a better life.

16 Work Hungarians, Poles, Slovaks - Worked in Coal Mines
Russians, Greeks - Worked in the textile industry Many rail road companies advertised the open farm land that was cheap out in the west.

17 Escaping from Religious Persecution
There were many places in Europe where people were discriminated against because of their religion. Especially in Russia and Eastern Europe.

18 Pogroms- organized massacre of a group of people.
The government police officers and army would come into small villages where a lot of Jewish people lived and destroy their property and even kill them.

19 Pogroms

20 Pogroms Many Russian Jews were afraid for their lives so they left for America where there was a promise of them being able to practice their religion without being bothered by the government.

21 War Wars in Europe destroyed land, villages, and many many lives!
People were forced to leave their homes because they were destroyed or it was not safe to stay there. Many people escaped to the United States especially during World War I

22 War


24 The American Dream Many immigrants came to America because they heard about all of these people that made it rich. They heard that America was a place where anybody could become rich, no matter what class you were born in! The American Dream was born!

25 Conclusion In the early 1900’s floods of immigrants came to the United States looking for a better life. They came because of famine, for jobs, to escape persecution, and to cash in on the American Dream!

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