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NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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1 NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

2 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Military or defense alliance formed in 1949 by 12 countries in Western Europe and North America Original purpose – to protect its members from a possible attack from the Soviet Union (Containment) First peacetime alliance in U.S. history An alliance of nations with shared values. All members are DEMOCRACIES Has been the most important U.S. alliance for the past (almost) 60 years

3 NATO Treaty – Article 5 “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all…” No NATO member was ever attacked during the Cold War – it never had to use its military forces The first (and only) time a NATO member was attacked was… September 11, 2001

4 Who is in NATO? 1949 – 12 Original Members
U.S. Canada Britain France Iceland Portugal Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg 1952 – A Little Farther from the North Atlantic (Demonstration of Truman Doctrine) Greece Turkey 1954 – A New Democracy Germany 1982 – Death of Fascist Dictator Franco Spain

5 The NATO Alliance

6 The Warsaw Pact 1955 - The Soviet response to the creation of NATO
Consisted of the Soviet Union and its six satellite countries in Eastern Europe East Germany Poland Hungary Czechoslovakia Bulgaria Romania The Warsaw Pact no longer exists


8 Eastward Expansion As democracy spread throughout Eastern Europe, NATO is adding new members 1999 – Three former Warsaw Pact members were admitted into NATO Poland Hungary The Czech Republic 2002 – Seven former communist states in Eastern Europe added Estonia Latvia Lithuania Slovenia Slovakia Bulgaria

9 2002 How do you think Russia feels about this?

10 NATO-Russia Council NATO-Russia Council
This was a RAPPROCHEMENT between NATO and Russia May 2002 – Both sides signed an agreement Russia WILL: Be given a say at the table with the 26 NATO members Be an “equal partner” in discussions on key topics

11 NATO-Russia Council Russia WILL NOT: Be a member of NATO
Be bound by NATO’s defense pact Have a veto over NATO’s decisions Have a vote over NATO’s expansion

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