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Diction and Connotation

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1 Diction and Connotation

2 Diction Diction has to do with the author’s word choice.
What words are he/she choosing to get his/her point across? Denotation: This is the LITERAL meaning of a word. Dictionary definition Connotation: Ideas or feelings that a word creates inside the reader. Levels of Diction: Formal Informal Slang/Colloquial HOW DOES DICTION AFFECT TONE?

3 Levels of Diction Formal: Elevated/archaic Informal: Standard language
Slang/Colloquial: Low diction (ultra informal) If you were addressing your boss in an , you would most likely use… If you were sending a text to your girlfriend/boyfriend, you would most likely use… If you were talking to your parents, you would most likely use…

4 Connotation

5 You may live in a house, but we live in a home.

6 The denotation (literal meaning) of home and house = roughly “a dwelling place”

7 What do you think of when you hear…
House Home Maybe… Maybe… **Roof **Comfort **Structure **Love **Place where people **Security live **Privacy **Warmth Think about this: What do you think it means when realtors use the word home more frequently than they do house?

8 Positive and Negative Connotation
Negative Neutral Positive Chick Woman Lady

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