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2 Introductions  Name  Department  Length of time as Manager/Supervisor

3 Ground Rules  Professional & respectful  No cell phones, tables, iPds (turn on silence or off)  Attend the entire presentation and participate  No discussions of current or past incidents  Complete and attend the entire presentation  Lead by example  Be familiar with leadership expectations & Prism’s policies

4 Session objectives  Understanding of laws and harassment  Prism’s policies and expectations  Harassment unlawful & unprofessional conduct  Reporting and compliant process  Investigations  Retaliation  Your role as supervisor and manager

5 Manager’s role  Responsibilities as leader

6 Harassment  Why is harassment an issue in the workplace?  What do you know about the law?

7 Understanding the Law Title VII and the EEOC  Title VII prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. In addition, section 102 of the Civil Rights Act (CRA) amends the revised statutes by adding a new section to provide for the recovery of compensatory and punitive damages in cases of intentional violations of Tile VII, Americans with Disabilities 1990 and section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

8 Protected classes by law and our policy Race Color Religion National Origin Sex Gender Disability Age Citizen status Ancestry Pregnancy Sexual orientation Veteran status Marital status Citizenship Genetic discrimination Transgender Gender identity / expression Protected status of relatives, friends or associates Retaliation

9 Prism’s Policies  Harassment Policy  Personal /family relationships in the workplace  Inappropriate conduct

10 Harassment  It is illegal  It is a form of discrimination  The conduct violates our policies  It creates a negative work environment  Financial impacts the Company and an individual

11 Types of harassment  Hostile work environment  Quid pro quo

12 Hostile work environment  Offensive to a reasonable person  Unwelcome  Offensive physical, visual or verbal conduct  Severe  Egregious behavior / physical attack or isolated incident  Pervasive  It results in a pattern of conduct  It affects and impacts a protected class

13 Quid pro quo  Behavior is initiated or perpetrated by management  Supervisor, manager, director or above  Involves a tangible work action  Submission to sexual advance or conduct, explicit or implicit

14 Tangible work action SchedulePromotions Performance reviewsAwards Salary / wageRecognition Desired assignmentDemotions Exclusion of assignmentsDiscipline Preferences on treatment Threats BenefitsTransfer Employment Conditions

15 Where does harassment occurs?  At work  When management or supervisors are not present  Public areas  Associate guest areas  Guest rooms  Off premises  Work travel  Social events  After-work non sponsored happy hours or social gatherings

16 Inappropriate conduct  Touching  Visual posters  E-mail  Photographs  Cartoons  Repeated requests  Inappropriate language  Intimidation  Physical expressions (looks, leering)

17 Complaint process  All Inappropriate conduct should be reported to:  HR  GM  Executive  Corporate  Supervisor Investigation Confidentiality to the extend needed to conduct the investigation

18 How to determine if harassment occurs  Eye of the beholder  Reasonable person’s point of view  Intentional or unintentional  Not subject to policy interpretation  Perception of welcome vs unwelcome

19 Harassment Vs. Inappropriate Conduct  It is offensive  Violates our code of conduct policy  It violates our harassment policy Any unprofessional or inappropriate conduct that violates our policy, whether involves harassment or not, will lead to disciplinary action up to termination

20 Retaliation  It is not tolerated  Must be reported  It can occur on or off premises  Consequences are serious, often leading to employment termination

21 Consequences of inappropriate conduct  Disciplinary action  Employment termination  Personal reputation and credibility  Personal liability

22 Practice True Or False

23 Manager’s responsibilities

24 If you receive a compliant  Listen to the associate and don’t agree or disagree  Don’t provide guidance and don’t reach conclusions  Tell the associate the situation will be investigated  Tell the associate you will follow up  Ensure inappropriate conduct stops  Report it to GM, HR or Corporate- Immediately! A formal complaint is not needed

25 What we expect from you Professional Engage in conduct that is work appropriate on or off premises Engage in conduct that does not violate our policies Prevention and early intervention is the best way to maintain an environment free from inappropriate and illegal harassment

26 Reflections  Reviewing our management roles from our exercise

27 Thank you

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