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1 FY 2014 Merit Presentation July 2, 2013. 2 AGENDA – MERIT PROCESS  Merit Policy Overview and Timeline  Templates and Instructions, Forms Signature.

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1 1 FY 2014 Merit Presentation July 2, 2013

2 2 AGENDA – MERIT PROCESS  Merit Policy Overview and Timeline  Templates and Instructions, Forms Signature Delegation of Authority Method of Distribution Eligible Employee Award Letter  HRMS Salary Update Document (SUD) Training – Human Resources, Henry Barrera Merit Eligibility Criteria SUD Step-by-Step Process SUD Process Timeline  RowdySpace Refresher  Questions and Answers

3 3 Overview  Refer to FY 2014 Merit Policy – Guidelines & Instructions Employee Eligibility Merit Allocation Pools Merit Percentage Awards  Merit increase is a salary adjustment awarded as recognition of employees’ contribution to meeting the goals & objectives of the department, college and university during the previous year. Based on the performance evaluation for the respective position and job requirements, and Subject to approval of the FY 2014 operating budget by the UT System Board of Regents  Each division may have a different internal process as long as ‘rules’ outlined in policy are met.  For Educational & General (E&G) funded positions, funding to cover merit awards will be allocated from central budget sources and will cover employees transferred into E&G accounts.  The cost of merit awards for employees paid from non-E&G sources must be covered by those fund sources. All other funding sources must pay the merit increase for employees that have transferred into a non-E&G funded position due to an internal recruitment.  New salary resulting from a reclassification / job change will be increased by the flat dollar amount of the award. Merit award follows the employee and is funded based on type of funding source (E&G versus Non- E&G, as noted above).

4 4 June 24Merit Policy approved July 2 and 8Information Session with Area Leads July 8 Templates available to Area Leads; Area Leads distribute templates, each division determines/communicates internal process July 30Templates due to Budget Office Aug 9 - 14 Area Leads / Department staff process Salary Update Document (SUD) with effective date of 9/1/2013 Aug 22Board of Regents ‘ approval of UTSA Budget & Merit program Aug 22HR final approves all SUDs prior to HRMS FY crossover Aug 26-Sep 14 Budget Office transfers funds to E&G accounts; Areas transfer funds to Non-E&G accounts as necessary Oct 1 Employee receives permanent merit effective September 1, 2013 in October paycheck MERIT PROCESS TIMELINE 2013

5 5 Employee Eligibility  Hired on or before February 28, 2013  Benefits eligible - appointment 50% or greater  Must be employed as of the merit effective date September 1, 2013 to receive the base salary adjustment  Student titled positions are ineligible  Classified and Administrative & Professional (A&P) staff must have a current performance evaluation on file with Human Resources - certification by President Romo is required.  Faculty specific requirements established by the Provost.

6 6 Merit Allocation Pools  Allocation pool based on: Annual salary rate of eligible employees as of May 31, 2013 2% for all eligible university employees No additional merit allocation for salary changes that occur after May 31, 2013.

7 7 Merit Allocation Pools  Employees are separated by Faculty, Classified & A&P, then grouped by division, college or department.  Pool reallocations may be made by a division executive and / or as necessary to regroup all managers that report to a particular VP, Dean or AVP: Faculty allocations must be used only for faculty positions. A&P allocations can be re-distributed to Classified, but not vice-versa. Overall pool amount by fund may not be exceeded. No exceptions. All fund groups have the pool amount calculated the same.

8 8 Merit Award Process / Rules  HR provided general award guidelines Methods must be approved by HR prior to submission of templates to Budget Office.  No min or max % is specified but the total allocation to each area may not be exceeded or supplemented with departmental funds.

9 9 Source of Funds for Merit Education & General (E&G) Accounts (14-xxxx-xx) are funded from central budgeted sources. Non-E&G funded positions that receive merit are covered from the fund source of the appointment on the date merit is paid. Grants & Contracts (26-accounts) will be awarded merit pay if the grant or contract allows such to be funded. Exceptions must be approved in advance by VPBA.  Transfers will be processed by Budget Office for E&G merit awards (14 accounts)  Non-E&G merit awards will require funding to be available in the accounts

10 10 Budget Planning & Development Website Refer to website for RowdySpace instructions and other related merit information Budget Office Contacts: Elva Martinez ext. 6631 Sharmin Momen ext. 4345

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