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Family Life Cycle. Happy Friday! 2/7/14 Today we are: –Discussing family life cycle –Groups to look at each stage Tuesday: –Quiz on studying children,

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1 Family Life Cycle

2 Happy Friday! 2/7/14 Today we are: –Discussing family life cycle –Groups to look at each stage Tuesday: –Quiz on studying children, families, family life cycle Julie Chu 2

3 3 Objectives To describe stages of the family life cycle To explain how family structure, roles and responsibilities change throughout the family life cycle To examine goals in various stages of the family life cycle

4 4 Family Two or more persons related by blood, marriage or adoption (as defined by U.S. Census) Families continue to change and adapt as they progress through the family life cycle The family life cycle begins at marriage and continues until death of a spouse

5 5 Death of a spouse Family Life Cycle Youthful Marriage (Ages 20-40) Youthful Marriage (Ages 20-40) Middle-Aged Marriage (Ages 40-60) Middle-Aged Marriage (Ages 40-60) Aging Marriage (Ages 60 ) Aging Marriage (Ages 60 ) Wedding Birth of first child Oldest child begins adolescence Last child leaves home Retire from career Retirement Stage Empty Nest Stage Empty Nest Stage Later Parenthood Stage Later Parenthood Stage Early Parenthood Stage Early Parenthood Stage Newly Married Stage Newly Married Stage

6 6 Newly Married Roles: Tasks: Husband Wife may share many responsibilities may both be wage-earners Develop patterns for interacting with each other Learn to solve problems & resolve differences together Set goals, plan for future

7 7 Roles: Tasks: Roles may change: double wage-earner single (one parent home with child) Caring for young children Providing increased income for extended family budget Need for more flexible roles as issues arise Early Parenthood Husband / Father Wife / Mother Child pregnancy & birth of first child continues through toddler, preschool & elementary years

8 8 Later Parenthood Roles: Tasks: Husband / Father Wife / Mother Child Teen Young adult children reach adolescence oldest may move out on his or her own Parents begin to let go of some responsibilities Teens begin to gain responsibilities Open communication between ALL family members is essential

9 9 Areas for Potential Conflict in Later Parenting Stage: Teen’s dating habits Freedoms & responsibilities Future plans & goals Performance in school

10 10 Empty Nest Roles: Tasks: last child is independent and living on his or her own Parental roles change drastically Children become independent—some marry & begin their own family life cycle Parents may become involved in grandparenting Parents often find new hobbies/interests Couples renew husband/wife relationship Roles may reverse for older generation (taking care of their own parents) Husband / Father Wife / Mother

11 11 Retirement Roles: Tasks: Husband Wife after one or both retire from career May develop new interests/hobbies Many have planned ahead financially for this stage Focus returns to oneself & relationship with each other Self-esteem may decline due to lack of “purpose” Health and financial problems can arise Role reversal can occur children acquire “parental” role

12 12 Death of a Spouse Triggers the end of the Family Life Cycle Adjustments: financialself-esteem healthtime emotionalpriorities Involvement is important: family friends hobbies special groups acquiring pets church

13 Group Work Each will receive a stage Talk with each other about the joys and challenges of your stage –Must have at least 3-5 for each Share with class Lindsey Vonn 13

14 14 Goals Throughout the Family Life Cycle Newly Married Adjust to married life Work together in marital responsibilities Develop positive relationship and conflict resolution strategies Balance work & family Enhance communication

15 15 Goals Early Parenthood Become financially, physically, socially & emotionally ready to parent Strengthen marriage Adjust roles to meet needs Give care & guidance to child Meet physical, emotional, social, intellectual needs of child

16 16 Goals Later Parenthood Establish husband/wife relationship beyond children Enhance communication & conflict resolution skills Maintain positive relationship with children/teens Keep communication open Strengthen marriage

17 17 Goals Empty Nest Make possible “career” change/adjustment Find hobbies Care for aging parents Strengthen marital relationship Manage resources – plan for retirement

18 18 Goals Retirement Manage health needs Develop interests beyond work Care for oneself physically (aging) Remain active Volunteer

19 19 Possible Roles Throughout the Family Life Cycle Husband Wife Mother Father Son Daughter Brother Sister Grandmother Grandfather

20 20 Aspects That Affect Roles  Needs  Past Experiences (what was done in one’s own family life cycle)  Changes (expected or unexpected)

21 21 Quiz 1.The Family Life Cycle begins at __________ and continues until ____________. 2.During what stage of the life cycle do parents begin to relinquish some responsibilities to children? 3.When defining family (according to the U.S. Census), what are the 3 ways people can be related to one another?

22 22 Quiz 4.Diagram the relationship structure between a mom, dad and child in the Early Parenthood stage. 5.What 3 factors affect roles within the family life cycle? 6.List the 5 stages of the family life cycle.

23 23 The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences. Texas Tech University. 2002. Loyola Marymount University. Sociology Department. Family Life Cycle Links. 2002. Parents Place. 2002. © MMIII, MMIV CEV Multimedia, Ltd. Acknowledgements Production Coordinators: Treena Aston Allison Mangold Production Manager: Geoff Scott Executive Producer: G.W. Davis

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