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Technical Artifacts and Errors

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1 Technical Artifacts and Errors
Chapter 11

2 Artifacts Anything that decreases the quality of the radiograph resulting in difficult evaluation and interpretation. Problems with artifacts: Increases unnecessary re-takes May cause misdiagnosis

3 Consistent Artifacts If artifact is appearing consistently, cassette should be identified and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. If fault is persistent should be labeled as faulty and put out of use.

4 Common Artifacts and Causes
Film too Dark Too much kVp Too much developer time Over-measurement Machine not calibrated SID not correct for grid use

5 Artifacts continued Film too light
Underexposure, need to increase kVp or mAs. Underdeveloped X-ray tube failure Incorrect screen-film combination Out of calibration

6 Artifacts Continued Film gray/Lack of Contrast Too much kVp
Radiation fog due to exposure film Light leak in darkroom Film Storage issues Exhausted chemical issues Out of date film Lack of grid with use of high kVp’s Double exposure Too high of wattage in safelight

7 Artifacts continued Lack of Detail Increased object-film distance
Blurring due to poor screen-film contact Blurring due to patient motion Blurring due to x-ray tube motion Distorted image due to central x-ray not directed at center of film Double exposure

8 Artifacts Continued Heavy Lines on Radiograph
Grid lines due to inappropriate use of grid Roller marks from processor issues Inconsistent film density Collimation of primary beam Bucky tray not positioned correctly Light leak into cassette Target damage

9 Artifacts continued Black marks Crimping or folding of film
Two films sticking together during development Static Electricity Developer on film before processing

10 Artifacts continued Clear areas on film Hair in cassette
Scratch in film emulsion Line de to scratch on screen surface Air bubble in film Contrast medium on cassette or table Film touching side of tank during manual processing.

11 Artifacts continued Yellow Radiograph
Fixer splashes on film before developing Premature age due to improper fixation Film sticking together during fixing process Incomplete washing.

12 Motion

13 Double Exposure

14 Stuff in Cassette

15 Hands in view

16 Lead in the Way

17 Light Artifact

18 Cassette upside down

19 Static

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