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DES Fleet Operations Training DES Electric Vehicle Training.

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1 DES Fleet Operations Training DES Electric Vehicle Training

2 Introduction Overview and history of DES Fleet Operations and Services we provide Benefits of Electric vehicles Nissan Leaf 101 Charging and route planning The Future Q&A’s Vehicle User Training - Agenda

3 A focus on sustainability, efficient management Enterprise Services manages the state Fleet Operations of more than 3,500 sedans, sport-utility vehicles, light trucks and vans. Hybrids account for more than half of the fleet and electric vehicles are being added during each quarterly purchase cycle Fleet Operations provides vehicles for assigned agency use, has three daily rental sites, and provides maintenance for vehicles in Thurston County. Fleet Operations

4 Why EV’s and PHEV? ( Pg.5 )

5 Zero Emissions and reduced carbon footprint Low cost fuel source Lower maintenance costs Quiet Operation Easy to drive and park Benefits

6 Electric Vehicles 101 Double click to play video

7 Vehicle Type BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle PHEV = Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle ICE = Internal Combustion Engine EVSE = Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Level 1 = 110 volt household outlet Level 2 = 240 volt outlet – Drier type outlet Level 3 = 480 volt outlet – Industrial Terminology

8 Charge Times (Pg.5)

9 EZ Charge Card

10 Charging Stations

11 Length of your trip Weather Conditions Highway vs in town travel Are charging stations available at your destination? Charging station locators Plugshare AFDC Route Planning

12 West Coast Electric Highway

13 Green technologies –Battery Electric Vehicles (Nissan Leaf) –Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Chevy Volt) –Hybrid Electric Vans –Biofuels Further reduce GHG and the carbon footprint of our fleet vehicles The future of Fleet Operations

14 Questions? A vehicle demonstration will be immediately after at the Capital Campus Fleet Operations Office Thank You!!

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