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London 2007 - Trip Vojtěch Šolta student from grade seven.

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1 London 2007 - Trip Vojtěch Šolta student from grade seven

2 I wanted to visit my girlfriend Bára in England. So I started looking for some friends who would like to go with me and see the sights of London for one week. Michael, Aneta and Roman told me they wanted to go but they would have to ask their parents. In the end the only one who was going with me was Roman, my schoolmate.

3 Arrangements So we went to the Student Agency office to buy our bus tickets and eventually our accommodation as well. The accommodation was the biggest problem because our credit card didn't work on internet. So we asked Bára to book our accommodation in a hostel.

4 Travel So we soon left by train for Prague where we spent the afternoon and then we set off on our journey. The travel was O.K and it took about eighteen hours. We got off at London Victoria Station where Bára was waiting for us. We bought one-week underground tickets for 22 pounds and Bára led us to Belsize hostel in Belsize park.

5 Accommodation It was a three-floor building with a basement. After our having asked a receptionist for the keys of our booked room she answered we were missing on her list of guests. She offered us two vacant places but they were much more expensive than they had been supposed to be. She said we should have bought the accommodation on internet and we would have saved a lot of money. She mentioned about 40 pounds (approximately 1600 CZK). So we had to buy more expensive accommodation and then we had less money to spend. I lived with three more people. The first one was Latvian with German citizenship who worked in England. The others kept changing themselves.

6 Food The food was awful. Breakfast consisted of toast and jam, beans, sometimes soft boiled eggs, tea and everyday coffee, which we could stand, but most of the main meals were something like livers and potatoes. We had a choice between two dishes but the second one was often even worse. I don't recommend to have a water pipe in a restaurant. It is really very expensive (15 pounds) and it isn't good.

7 London Bára had a fantastic book, something like "See whole London by own eyeball". During the week we got familiar with almost all the well- known London sights: Big Ben, Chelsea, Greenwich, St. Paul's Cathedral...

8 The weather was mostly beautiful and our London sightseeing was amazing. England is an expensive country but its sights are worth seeing!

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