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AP Economics Dictionary

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1 AP Economics Dictionary
Create an outside cover to protect and identify your Economics Dictionary. The cover must have meaning to you and be explained in writing. Students will define the words given by the teacher. Each word must have its own definition, no see ______. The student must also mention the other terms that have the same meaning. Leave an area in the back to add new words Cover Definitions New Words Pizzazz

2 AP Economics Dictionary
Absolute Advantage Aggregate Demand Aggregate Supply Appreciate Asset Demand Average Cost Curve Average Propensity to Consume Automatic Stabilizers Autonomous Investment Banking System Bonds Borrowers Budget Deficit Businesses Capital Capital Account Capital Flow Capital Inflows Capital Outflows Capital Stock Circular Flow Model Classical Economic Theory Commercial Banks Commodity

3 AP Economics Dictionary
Comparative Advantage Complements Consumption Consumption Expenditures Consumer Price Index Consumer Spending Contractionary Fiscal Policy Crowding Out Crowding Out Effect Currency Current Account Cyclical Unemployment Deficit Deficit Reduction Demand Deposits Depreciate Discount Rate Disposable Personal Income Dollar Value Domestic Domestic Production Economic Growth Efficiency Equilibrium Excess Reserves

4 AP Economics Dictionary
Exchange Rates Expansionary Fiscal Policy Exports Federal Funds Rate Federal Reserve Bank Firms Fiscal Policy Foreign Exchange Foreign Output Fractional Reserve System Free Trade Frictional Unemployment Full Employment Full Employment Level Government Expenditures Government Purchases Government Securities Government Spending Gross Domestic Product Imports / Imported goods Income Multiplier Income Tax Inflation

5 AP Economics Dictionary
Inflows Interest Rate International Value of a Dollar Investment Spending Keynesian Theory Labor Labor Force Participation Rate Leakage Lenders Loanable Funds Market Loose Monetary Policy Long Run Long Run Equilibrium Long Run Phillips Curve Macroeconomics Marginal Cost Curve Marginal Propensity to Consume Mixed Economy Microeconomics

6 AP Economics Dictionary
Money Multiplier Money Supply Monetary Policy Monetarists Multiplier Net Exports Nominal Gross Domestic Product Normative Statement Open Market Operations Outflows Output Phillips Curve Positive Statement Price Level Prime Rate Private Goods Productivity Production Possibilities Curve Public Goods Purchasing Power Quantity Theory of Money Real Gross Domestic Product (Output) Real Output Recession Required Reserve Ratio Reserve Requirements Savings

7 AP Economics Dictionary
Savers Securities Shift Short Run Short Run Phillips Curve Spending Multiplier Stagflation Standard of Living Structural Unemployment Substitutes Supply Shock Tariff Taxes Theory of Rational Expectations Tight Monetary Policy Trade Deficit Transaction Demand Transfer Payments Unemployment Unemployment Compensation Unemployment Rate Velocity of Money

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