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Why fans are Crucial and how to get more Natural fans 1.

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1 Why fans are Crucial and how to get more Natural fans 1

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3 The value of a fan is increasing Facebook brand fans: 80% more likely than non-fans to be brand users. 43% more spent in respective categories vs. non-fans, despite not having a higher income. 18% more satisfied with their brands than are non-fan users. 11% more likely to continue using the brands than are non-fan users. Users of brands who are fans are more receptive to those brands versus users who are not fans 3 The average fan value increased 28% in 2013 versus 2010 Source: Syncapse 2013

4 4 Social media and blogs generate real customers

5 5 63% of companies using social media say it has increased marketing effectiveness – among other benefits

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7 Facebook is a destination site 7 Facebook is overtaking Google, Yahoo, MSN, Windows live, Bing and Yahoo in total time spent online Source: Webtrends

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9 Top 10 Reasons People ‘Like’ Brands on Facebook 1.To support the brand I like (49%) 2.To get a coupon or discount (42%) 3.To receive regular updates from brands I like (41%) 4.To participate in contests (35%) 5.To share my personal good experiences (31%) 6.To share my interests / lifestyle with others (27%) 7.To research brands when I was looking for specific products/services (21%) 8.Seeing my friends are already a fan or “liked” (20%) 9.The brand advertisement (TV, online, magazines) led me to fan the brand (18%) 10.Someone recommended me to fan the brand (15%) 9 Source: Syncapse 2013

10 Fans effect on advertising COLD TARGETING VS. FANS 10.05% Avg. CTR of ads to non-fans.35% Avg. CTR of ads to fans Source: Webtrends

11 How do we generate fans? We deliver fans through a mix of different channels and campaigns. 11 Social Magazine Surveys Landing pages E-mail sendouts Facebook Google display MSN Affiliate RTB Google Adwords Bing

12 Social magazine 12 Great content Great deals and competitions New fans

13 Magasin layout 13 Incentive Company USP Like conversion Image Facebook friends Image / video Company info

14 14 Campaign deliver example Pre campaign fans. Guarantuee fans Total fans. Viral effekt. 5.000 1.500 2.700 800 Viral = free fans On average our campaigns over deliver by 30%

15 Campaign Launch Phase 1 Evaluation of your Facebook page and campaign setup and guarantee numbers of fans. Phase 2 We seed the campaign on our different campaign platforms and media channels. Phase 3 Analysis of campaign and reporting of the number of fans viral effect and search impact Step 1 Step 2 Final Results

16 Contact EuroAds Denmark A/S Nørregade 40, 4th floor 1165 Copenhagen Direct:+45 88 80 46 85 Tel:+45 70 22 06 70 Fax:+45 70 22 06 71 16

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