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1. Introduction Highlights: Founded in 2005 Approx. 50 Employees Patented & Patent-Pending Technology Headquarters - Reno, Nevada EU Sales and Service.

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2 Introduction Highlights: Founded in 2005 Approx. 50 Employees Patented & Patent-Pending Technology Headquarters - Reno, Nevada EU Sales and Service - Munich, Germany Joint Venture, Sales – Potsdam, Germany

3 ElectraTherm’s Heat-to-Power Generator Exploits low grade waste heat Produces 400/480V, 3phase, 50 or 60Hz power Modular and Commercially Mobile: Weight: 7,000-7,800 lbs. (3,175-3,540 kg) Dimensions: 6.5 ft. wide 8 ft. long x 7.5 ft tall (2 x 2.5 x 2.3 m) Patented technologies enable: Low maintenance No oil pump, no oil changes, no gearbox Off the shelf components & simple design 3

4 How It Works kW Output 4 Hot Water In Cooler Water Out Example on a stationary engine:

5 5 Commercialized Product Ready to Ship 19 operational machines Achieved 45,000 hrs runtime Monitoring fleet performance + R&D testing Optimized design turn complete Building a backlog through distributor network ElectraTherm’s 4-bay test cell.

6 IP, Advantages and Working Parameters Patented ORC Technology Owned and licensed patents issued and pending worldwide for core technology and innovative applications Robust, Proven Hardware Patented Expander Rotor Profile: - Allows “wet” operation - Rotates at 4300-4800 rpm - Variable output range …to produce a range of output Up to 65kW Currently 65kW+ in Development Accepts a range of input parameters… 170gpm @ 190-240°F (7-13 l/s @ 88-116°C )on the hot side 200gpm @ 40-100°F (10-15 l/s @ 4-38°C)for condensing 6

7 Opportunity: Waste Heat From Stationary Engines 33% Effective Power 5% Friction Losses 27% Coolant 35% Exhaust Gas WASTE HEAT 100,000+ Stationary Internal Combustion Engines Installed Worldwide.5-2 MW, Continuous Duty Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) converts waste heat to electricity WASTE HEAT

8 Market Focus Waste Heat Sources: Stationary or Marine Engines Oil and Gas Process Heat Other Process Waste Heat Down Cycle Condensing Renewable Heat Sources: Biomass Boilers Geothermal/Oil & Gas Wells Solar Thermal 8 Project Values +Better fuel/power/emissions output ratios = ↑ Efficiency +Distributed Power Generation +CHP potential

9 Biogas in Austria Site: Inning, Austria Gross Power Output Avg: 18-32kW Total Runtime: 7,025 Hours Thermal Heat Input: 260 - 450kWt Hot Water Input Range: 82-93°C Hot Water Flow: 3.15-8.21 l/s

10 Internal Combustion Engines Site: East Texas, USA Gross Power Output Avg: 28kW Total Run Time: 5,238 Hours Thermal Heat Input: 235 - 450kWt Hot Water Input Range: 82 - 88°C Hot Water Flow: 12.6 l/s Direct Condenser: Ambient air temp from -1-38°C; avg is 21°C “Natural gas compressor stations powered by internal combustion engines are located all over North America, and these waste heat streams can be captured to generate additional power and cool the engine at the same time,” - Loy Sneary, President, Gulf Coast Green Energy

11 Biogas in Germany Site: Trechwitz, Germany Gross Power Output Avg: 30-35kWe Total Runtime: 1,787 Hours Thermal Heat Input: 375 - 450kWt Hot Water Input Range: 90-95°C Hot Water Flow: 39 m3/hour Ambient Temperature: 0-15°C

12 Biogas in Czech Republic Site: Brno, Czech Rep. Gross Power Output Avg: 28-37kWe Total Runtime: 5,497 Hours Thermal Heat Input: 375-500kWt Hot Water Input Range: 87-93°C Hot Water Flow: 35 m3/hour Ambient Temperature: 0-20°C

13 Solar Thermal Gross Power Output Avg: 18kW Thermal Heat Input: 200 - 400kW Hot Water Input Range: 170 - 225°F Hot Water Flow: 185 GPM Cold Water Input: 80-100°F Cold Water Flow: 220 GPM "We plan to scale up this promising project in the future. We are excited to be part of the first group in our region researching on the viability of converting low-grade small-scale solar thermal energy to electric power.“ - Tolga Torun, METU Northern Cyprus Campus Example: East Cyprus, Turkey

14 14 ElectraTherm awarded $982,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Small-scale power generation from co-produced geothermal fluids

15 Oil & Gas Co-Production Site: Laurel, Mississippi Gross Power Output Avg: 22kW Total Run time: 1,136 Hours (Completed Demo) Thermal Heat Input: 500kWt Hot Water Input Range: 96°C Hot Water Flow: 7.6 l/s Ambient Temp Range: 16-41°C Mobility: Green Machine and air condenser loaded on a truck bed to remote location Ease of Installation: Install time took 50 hours and could have been halved without wait times

16 Two Projects with the Department of Defense: Ongoing 16 Goal is High Efficiency, Containerized, Prime Power + ORC Integration Project 1 Timeline: Q3-Q4 2012 Project 2 Timeline: Q1-Q2 2013 – Design, Build Q3 - Operational CONFIDENTIAL

17 Result: High Efficiency, Containerized, Prime Power + ORC Integration 17 U.S. Department of Defense Funded 40 Foot ISO Container Package Roof Mounted Air cooled condenser Exhaust gas heat exchanger Emissions package TBD Benefits Fully integrated high efficiency (10%-15%) package Easily transportable Limited site construction Very repeatable Internal Reciprocating engine Switch gear and controls Series 4000 Green Machine Electric motor driven radiator package Fuel tank Interconnect plumbing CONFIDENTIAL

18 ElectraTherm’s Heat to Power Generator Delivers: Distributed, renewable power production Ease of installation, operation and maintenance Low operational costs with strong ROI Robust, reliable, off-the-shelf components A modular solution that can scale to the heat source Digital controls with remote monitoring & standard interface In Summary 18

19 19 The Green Machine ElectraTherm, Inc. 775.398.4680 NCET 2009 Green Company of the Year THE WALL STREET JOURNAL International Innovation Award Energy 2009 Popular Science Best of 2008 Green Technology Geothermal Energy Association Best of Show; Best Scientific Paper 2007

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